free weed from walmart

Discussion in 'General' started by casper, Dec 16, 2002.

  1. never liked going to walmart but decied to go to day and iwas just minding my own bisnes and pussing my cart down the cooking iele and my cart weel got cought on some thing so i looked down and it was stuke on about an 8th so i loked around and dident see any one looking piked it up and put it in my poket and left the store best time shoping iv ever had peace
  2. shit, if thats not bullshit thats VERY lucky
  3. nope if i had a cam i would post it
  4. shit!, that's where i dropped it!
  5. ha! yea me too! send it in mail!
  6. You it happens, us stoners droppin our sacks. They were all mine! Mine I say! RETURN THEM! =)

  7. yeah, that would suck, i remember when everything was dry i almost cried when i dropped almost a half burnt nug... that was back in the day...
  8. I've been thankful and lucky that I've never lost a bag.

    *Pauses to knock on wood*
  9. god damn was it good weed. hell thats awsome
  10. yah not bad some real good green bud
  11. yeah that was great. and it would suck ass if you did that. imagin dropping a sack, and money wasted. jesus that would make a man kill himself.
  12. its not like im going to yell out in the midell of wal mart hay did any body lose a bag of real good bud not real a safe thing to do so toke it and im smoking it peace
  13. But don't you feel so sad when you lose your shit???

    I lost an 1/8 of hash in the rough in my golf course....

    ..... but I went back the next day when I sober, and it was there were I left it.....
  14. yah i do now what its like if i could have found the person how had it be for me i would have gave it back but no one was around so thats the only thing i could do
  15. hehehehe, lucky break D9_THC, and goddamn boy, lucky you finding that in walmart. I think i'll start goin everyday and looking at the ground more often ;)

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