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    Watch full length concert videos of your favorite bands for
    free over the Web: Aaron Carter, The Go-Go's, Lit, David Gray,
    The Bangles, Duran Duran, Everlast, Outkast, Motley Crue, The
    Corrs, Huey Lewis & the News, Public Enemy, Linkin Park, Styx,
    and many many more!

    Just thought ya'll might wanna check this out. :D :D :smoking:
  2. woohoo! thanx for the link :)
    phishheads' a download addict, so he'll visit that i am sure.
  3. ha! I already did. Just didn't have a chance to respond yet. Thanks Cowboy, I found a lot of good video's on there. Ending up getting linked to the House of Blues video page and found some Rusted Root that was really good. Lots of other bands I want to check out as well. Thanks again for the cool link!
  4. Well i don't know shit about growin', lol, but i'll listen to any kinda' music, so I run across some cool links once in awhile! :D :D
  5. cowboysaxman you should definitely check out some rusted root! I have heard nothing but good from them and stumbled upon one of their performances @ the further tour last summer. DEFINITELY a fun band, with emphasis on drums/congos and a very unique sound, Phishhead tells me they're known by many as "heavily influenced by Santana" (which I didn't know, so there ya go!).

    GOOD MUSIC FOR THE SOUL! (of course, what isn't??!)
  6. I've always loved the Congo's!! Whenever PoohGator asks what I want for my B-day, or christmas,etc., I always say Congo drums!! LOL But they are VERY expensive and WAY down on the ole priority list, lol :D :smoking: And I've always been a Santana fan, so I'll be sure to check out rusted root!!


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