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Discussion in 'General' started by KeepSmokinReefa, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. Anybody know a good free video clip host. Jus made like a 10 second smoke video of me. Bout to maybe do more i dunno. But ima make atleast that a clip and throw it up on this site. People get to see me for me finally.

    But uhh, I want one besides like rapidshare if possible. I hate having to wait the 45 seconds or whatever to watch.

    Anybody know any good ones?
  2. I think a lot of people use
  4. Thas the one i was thinking of but couldnt remeber the name.

    Thanks bro.

    Im bout to start this boy now. I smoked 2 bowls, 2 different pipes. Not alota footy at all. But i dunno, I might make the video and then another one with the video with pictures included or something, I dont know yet.

    Its only 10:15 PM right now. I aient got shit to do tommrow but work whenever the hell i wake up. But i might stay up late tonight and make this and try to get it on here tonight if not tommrow.
  5. Alright im stuck now.

    Im stoned as hell.

    I cant figure it out.

    They're quicktime files i guess, Thats what they were when i transfered them onto my comp. And it has some error and plays sound but only a white screen. Same thing with wmp. And wont import into WMM.

    What should i do?
  6. Check the code at the end of the filename (aljsfnas.JPG asdljasd.MPEG). Right click-copy, paste onto desktop (im using XP, I don't know if it works for others). This is so you don't fuck up the original. Change the duplicate video to .wmv if it's already not. If that doesn't work, try .avi .
  7. Explain it more homie, I couldnt figure it out.

    Edit: Its'a .mov file.

    I cant figure out how to change it how your saying to.
  8. It's just like your changing the file name. Delete .mov and type in .wmv . Simple as that :D.

  9. Well it dont say .mov where the file name is. I have it in my kodak folder. Theres 6 video clip files all quicktime files. They jus say shit like 100_2044 and 100-2045 ect. Theres no .mov there. Typing in .wmv dosent change anything. I only know its a .mov because it now works in quicktime and it says .mov at the top of quicktime. But i cant change nothing there.

    And when i jus re-name the file in the folder, It ends up as and i aient put nuttin in about .mov.

    So somebody please help.
  10. Try that might work.
  11. I hate that.

    I always seems to decide to do important, complex things when im high and it always goes terribly wrong.
  12. But i want to edit the clips and put all of them together and put music to it on WMM. Thas my problem right now.
  13. you arent looking for a video host... your looking for a music editor
  14. no, he wants something that will convert his file into a format he can use in wondows movie maker. He also wants somewhere to host the video when hes done with it. ill check around and if i see anything ill post it

  15. Exactly what i was looking for.

    I did some more searching and found sometihg called River Past Video Cleaner and downloaded it, Im bout to try it. From the description of it, It'll do what i need.

    Hopefully it works out.

    Edit: Looks like its converting them right now. Sweet shit.

    Ill make a small video and prolly host it on here tonight.
  16. Aight, Got it all workin, Uploaded all the clips into WMM. Ima throw some pics up on there too jus to add to it.

    First things first, Outside to smoke and get stoned.

    Then come back in and get to work on this thing.
  17. "you tube" is tha "tsaar bomb"

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