Free Standing Ac Unit Vs Window Unit?

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    I have a free standing AC Unit which is vented to a window by a single 6" flexible aluminum vent. I had the opportunity to talk to the Can filter people at a recent Vendor expo at my local Hydro shop. They told me that I was sucking air out as well as sucking air in.
    I have a carbon filter venting out of my grow room and out another window in that other room.
    My concern is that some of the odor will be sucked out by the AC unit.  Would it be better if I had a window AC unit? My thought was that the air exchange happens outside and air is only blown in by the ac unit. But I could be wrong about this.
    Does anyone know if the AC unit either free standing or window unit are capable of blowing unfiltered odor out the window that it is vented or sitting in?

  2. Don't know about the air exchange but the water produced by in window or stand up ac's has odor.
  3. Yeah, gotta make sure that the water from the free standing AC unit is draining properly. I think the window unit just drips water out side. That might be preferable to water draining into the grow room.
  4. I'm trying to avoid this problem myself, I have a 12,000 btu portable ac that only has an exhaust vent that i vent outside, it has been letting lots of smell out. Luckily I had another ac laying around that has an intake and exhaust ports that I fixed to a window in the room. It also has a spot for a carbon filter where the prefilter goes. I haven't started budding yet and I have to find a carbon filter to fit it yet, but I feel confident that this will solve my problem. I was also introduced to split ac's also called ductless ac's. Their pricey but they are basically a simple central air unit that has a condenser outside and a seperate blower you can mount anywhere in your room. You simply connect the two with 1/2 inch copper tubing I believe and no odor is exchanged, some models even have heaters and solar powered units are available. Some of these units are pricey with a 24,000 btu running around $1,300 with smaller units around $700 but they eliminate odor leak and allow for better blower position.
    An air conditioner does not exhaust room air to the outside. It removes heat from the room air and exhausts that outside.
  6. Thanks Fizzly and GanJohn. Now that I know the ac unit is blowing air out I can put a small inline carbon filter between the unit and the window.
    I have spent time out side this window where the air is exhausting, it's up on the third floor in the attic, and I haven't smelled anything, yet...
    I only have a few plants just starting to flower so that may change. Also I have a carbon filter up near the ceiling. This may be pulling out most of the smell with the heat. But a carbon filter in the window would probably be the best solution to any potential smell issues.
    Thanks again for your responses.
    Yer welcome, but I don't really follow what you're doing. :confused:
    However, the AC doesn't "blow air outside." The cool air blowing into the room is just the existing room air that has had the heat removed from it. The air blowing from the AC outdoors is outdoor air -- with the heat that was removed from the room air added to it.
  8. Right, and the heated room air probably also has plant odor. I plan on putting a small carbon filter on the vent from the ac unit then out the window to cancel any smell that the ac unit picks up when it's removing the hot air from the room. I have a passive air intake on the other side of the room.
  9. It doesn't remove the hot air from the room. It only removes the heat from the air. It's really just a heat exchanger, not an air exchanger.
    The indoor air stays inside.

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