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  1. I am willing to help those until they run out with 10 seeds to get you started for medical use only. Not to be rude but if youre just a stoner please do not respond as I am a medicinal user and want to help those of the same as my story goes like this, I went through years of pain and finally had spinal surgery by one of the top ten in the world surgeons (waited a long time to get to see him) He was able to put me back together and I started walking again. I started using MJ as medicine when I was getting so attached to vicodin (750 - norco's 10mg) in 3 months thats a lot of pills. Now I just take two a day and smoke or digest my weed in a tea and it has made me enjoy life again. I just found out I am going to be a grandparent for the first time and I am so happy I will be able to enjoy this child. I want to help others as I have been blessed. I have learned a lot about growing and my first grow was silver haze sativa for the energy high. A great choice for me. I was given and told they are Chronic seeds ( a nice bag full) I do not know how they were stored but am trying to germinate a few at this moment. If anyone is interested I would suggest a po box for mailing. I will get them out asap to you. Let me know. God Bless everyone.
  2. I'm interested indeed...My rents also are in CHRONIC pain. MY dad has been in numerous car accidents one of which i lost my mother. He is suffering from degenerated disks in his spine and my step mom is suffering from killer migranes...Send me some info privately if u could please
  3. I don't really have any pain, but about a year and a half ago i was diagnosed with having bipolar disorder, I'm just needing something to help me sleep and to also help me consentrate in my studies (college) I have also noticed that when I take a toke here and there that I am able to settle down and focus more on what's going on. Mostly when i'm starting to feel the bipolar effects I start to act like a damn crack baby, figgiting, can't sit still and jump all over the place like a crazed lunatic. If there are any left even a few it would help out alot. I just started to grow for the first real time ( not just tossing seeds into the backyard and having them grow) and the three seedlings are about three weeks old. these are just seeds that a friend gave me from a bag of swag.
  4. Im posting on behalf of my brother who fell off his motorcycle abroad. IN the end he had 60 stitches in his intestines, fucked up liver and kidneys, and in a severe situation.

    Weed is the only way out for him, I wouldnt mind doing him a favour in growing him some for his birthday. To show how much I still care for him.

    If you could email me with information I would really appreciate it.

  5. Hi. I smoke weed.....Im testing it. Im opening my mind. Whenever i have a back pain or a neck pain or something...ill smoke weed to see if it helps any. Doesnt the u.s. mail check for seeds though? and how would you send them ? But sure..i would love a few seeds.
  6. hello.i am definately interested in free seeds as i am broke from multiple chiropractic visits.i have a disc problem between lumbar 4 & 5...not exactly sure as to not having proper medical attention..never used marijuana b-4, but i am willing to try anything to replace the 2000 millegrams of ibuprofen i take daily..please take into consideration as you truely know what chronic back pain feels like..thank you.. nygiantsbiggestfan
  7. i realy dont need seeds dude, i have some but i dont inhale ,i just blow it out my noise ,i havent tryed it in a tea how is it like that ! i only smoke med weeds but i can grow better than i need to ! you take care . its good things you bring to the table ! good luck tazz11
  8. rainman..hi.happy to get a obviously have mt e-mail addrress so please get back in touch with me about how to get free seeds

  9. frist off i want to say something! to weedseeker! all day from the time i replyed to you, it has been in the back of my mine what you said here on this site for all weed smokers not just med smokes ! you came here to give of your self but you tell us we have to fit in to your rules dude, i smoke meds and i still talk to members that dont ! you think your need for the freedom to smoke is more than theirs !this is not a med weed site, its a site for everyone that smokes how or why or even if they do is besides the point ! i truely feel sorry for you ! you may not of even had the seeds in the frist place if it wasnt for the so called partys we would not have the great strain we have to day ! so show respect why your here in grass city to all ,and let me say when it was dark day after day , week after week, not knowing if i would ever see my wife and kids again let alone anything , i truely needed a freind they came ,they smoked with me ,i dont know if they ever smoked med weeds and i did not care at the time, i dont now! ,i was blind ,they've helped me and i've only said this becasue i respect them ,and i am glad to be on both sides of this plant ,! open your mind and look around you ,dont let the pain win ! we all have feelings !....good luck tazz11
  10. you do a good thing to help people ! their are some here that need them ,most partyers ,dont want to grow its to much like work ! most cash cropers would not us unknowen seeds or unkowen strains ! post smokers would pass this by as someone trying to help med weed users !and there my be a few that just want cheap seed at any cost even their own respect aside ! i have meet few of them here on the city ! most here respect each other and their walks of life ! you may meet someone down on their luck that needs a brake or some newbe that is scared to by them from the seed banks or just dont have any money ! or find the old timer that just dosnt want to risk what he has hunting for them threw the mail ! what ever you find here at the city is up to you to! but with respect and your well to help i hope you we can help you as well ! good luck tazz11
  11. Why do you want to go to the trouble of sending someone 10 seeds but only if they are using it for medicinal purposes? Cause if they were only using it for medicinal purposes in the first place, wouldn't they be getting their own prescription to medicinal seeds and marijuana? I was just wondering...
  12. good question but it's not legal for medical purposes in all states. I hope those seeds get to someone who really needs them
  13. Oh yeah. I didn't think about that at the time (probably cause I'm stoned)

    But good point made.
  14. hey there im quite interested in your post
  15. dude try sd they got a give away for skunk #1 and they are good seed ,get a $15 pack of seeds and get a pack of skunk#1 free!good luck tazz11
  16. I am in great hopes that perhaps you could help me. I am suffering from back pain that I received from a car accident. I am taking codine and other pain killers, but I am in constant pain. After doing some research, I decided to sign up for this site. I am in my late30's and do not really know anyone who can help me get any seeds or I would not be writing to you. I really hope that you or somebody else who reads this could help me.
  17. what is sd ?
  18. if codeine dont help i dont think pot will
  19. I am already buying the codine from a new zealland pharmacy, it is sold in a over the counter pain killer sort of like our tylenol 3. It's really not as powerful as it sounds. Perfectly legal however. Besides you can't keep taking that kind of stuff and work. If it helps me relax and sleep it would help greatly.
  20. hey i have been diagnosed with glaucoma and i am losing my sight. i have a friend that said he would help me with getting some mj but i have no way of getting seeds to grow.

    hope you can help.

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