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  1. my computer at job corp has java turned off and i have a somewhat outdated version of flash player and there is a block keeping me from downloading the newest version. does anyone know of some sites that would still allow me to play music? i know that theres some out there i just forgot the names. help me out please
  2. I usually use or youtube if you know what you wanna hear. Those site alone have pretty much everything Im looking for though. is cool you type in an artist or genre and it plays anything related to what you searched.
    ..Great for looking up new material
  3. oyutube dont work on my computer and neither does last fm,project playlist,pandora,or anything that requires javascript
  4. Well, your royally fucked. Maybe you should start buying CD's or downloading music.
  5. word.

    op, sorry to hear that. they bent you over and gave it to you. no jams for you unless you bring them in..

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