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  1. I just got $300+ from the state comptrollers office. It was an old paycheck that I never picked up from an old job.
    Google your state + claim property, or unclaimed property to see if you have any goodies waiting for you.
    Don't forget to check other states you may have lived in.
    I had no idea that this even existed until a friend saw a news story about it and started looking up his friends and family.
    So I thought I would pay it forward and let you all know. Good luck and let me know if you get anything!
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    Wooo, you can buy a BigMac from McDonalds..
  3. i got excited thinking there would actually be something for me.

    then there was nothing
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    wait, how do you check?

    EDIT: nvm i found it, $0 :( my dad has $100 though! lol
  5. 14,000$ BoooYaaa

  6. pics or gtfo
  7. I found $7,000.00 for a family member this way a few years ago.
  8. My dad got about 100. Another dude with the same name as him has 9000 hahaha too bad we can't claim his too
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    i dont get how to check?

    edit: nvm i have nothing :(
  10. Whelp, I got nothing. Such a boner-kill
  11. awwww..

    i aimt got shit neither..

    weak sauce.
  12. Just got 155 from Indiana... I've lived in alot of states... Parents also said I can keep anything I find for them :)

    OP is a saint
  13. Shit man, I don't understand this. OP's instructions seemed vague to me. How do I do this?
  14. It's just verification and what not... Govt bull shit..
  15. says no results found :(
  16. i dont have any :(
  17. yea i dont get how to do this can someone explain this to me like if i just toked a 5 pound blunt

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