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free i.5 grams double hash or 2g bud?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 4pawsbmj8, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. my guy likes trading for bud such as gold or ipods and i have a blackberry storm and my dealer says he wants it for 2grams of red headed step child or 1.5 double hash. what to do?
  2. Dude sell that for money.
  3. You buy your weed from a pawn shop??

    My brother sold a storm for $50 once...

  4. ha that would be tight but no just a normal dealer who wants things of value i got the phone free from a contest and didnt like how it worked so its sat in the box anyway its free bud or double hash to me.
  5. could probably sell that phone and then use the money to buy a lot more than 2g's. Assuming 20/g thats only $40 bucks for a badass phone, i'm sure you could get more than that for it.
  6. Ive swapped a Playstation 2 for 4 grams of Cheese, so really you woulnd't be getting a good deal either.
  7. could do the trade...


    sell the storm for way more than that bud/hash is worth and buy more!

  8. does any one know what double hash is? pure kief compressed in to a ball as hard as a rock one hit leaves you high all day. red headed step child is so dank its a extra five bucks a gram. its so fluffy and stinks up a room in three ziplocs.
    its free to me ether way
  9. Well if you was to sell the storm you could get more. its pretty much common sense?
  10. dude, ide trade the phone, but the hard part is picking between the hash or the bud!!

  11. thats why i started the thread but people got cought up on the whole phone thing. now hash or bud?
  12. talk to your guy, see if he can hook you up with some hash and some of the bud, thats what i would do, but if he doesnt wanna do that ide get the 2 grams
  13. I prefer bud over hash so i would pick the bud.
  14. I can't tell if this kids joking or not. Fucking sell the phone and buy way more shit. If you trade things for weed 99% of the time it's obviously a bad idea.
  15. he doesnt care about your input on whether he should sell the phone or trade it for bud. he just wants your opinion on if you DID trade the phone, what would you do it for, bomb hash or bomb bud.
  16. well i would go with the hash if it's as dank as you say. as for the red headed step child..i saw a mj documentary not to long ago and the grower they interviewed said thats what he calls his stuff. your dealer probably just saw that and said it was that name. or i guess he could have found the one guy from the documentary,.. haha
  17. I don't think people get he's not gonna sell it he's trading it either way. Get the hash for sure 1.5 of compressed keif hash is probably 3-5 gs equiv. of bud depending on quality of both.
  18. If that's what he's asking for input on, either answer is fucking retarded. That's why I'm trying to solve the actual problem, which is to not trade things that are worth more then what he's buying.

  19. i dont care about the phone. i could throw it in the trash and not miss a nights sleep over it.
  20. Doesn't mean to make retarded decisions.

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