free gram of DANK

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  1. So, i was chillin with these two girls and then they said the had 45 dollars to go get some weed, we leave school and go to one of the car wash stalls across the street to buy from this girl.

    We get there and we exchange, i had no money and i was just gunna smoke. they pass the 2 grams of DANK around, really sweet smelling indica im sure, its a nice couch lock. So right when i was smelling the bag a cop pulled up into the stall, i throw the bag in my pocket and we walk away.. i go to my class kind of paranoid about the close call.

    I then realize i had a gram of FREE dank in my pocket, iv been smoking it and it truly is great. I love free weed.. if i get enough requests i will post pics!!:hello:
  2. want to see pics :rolleyes:
  3. nice name obama kush lmao! if i get a few more requests i will post, like the story though?
  4. Show me a pic of that couch you mentioned. Was it comfortable?
  5. From where I am the price of weed is 10€ for 1 gram, and 35€ for 5 grams.
    My cousin has a classmate thats a fucking idiot, he actually gave us 30€ to go and get him 3 grams, so we just added 5€ and bought 5 grams,so he got 3 grams for 30€ and we got 2 grams for 5€
  6. OP: That's crazy man! You went from almost getting in trouble with the cops for sniffing weed to having a free gram of weed in your pocket! Sounds like some crazy luck.

    Hahah dude that's hilarious! I wish 2 grams was always 5€!

  7. Well 2 grams is 5€ quite often around that guy.
  8. Well, hehe, not to be a killjoy, but that weed still isn't paid for... :p
  9. Pics or couch isn't real.
  10. pics and phone numbers of the 3 chicks, the 2 buying and the 1 selling or it didn't happen.
  11. I humbly request you to post a pic of this lovely sounding "obama kush".
  12. stole a gram?

  13. no lol he was quoting a username up there

  14. I've had Obama OG, it's legit.
  15. This is exactly what I was thinking. Just because it's in your pocket does not mean it's yours. And good luck getting any from those girls if you don't give it back...And if they already have bf's I hope you know how to fight...hah
  16. Yeah u best know how to scrap cause you basically stole they $
  17. yeah, people like you (op) piss me off, you just stroll off and think of it as a "free gram of dank" yet you just stole somebodies shit, you don't think you're going to see them again and they are going to want the weed you STOLE back?
  18. You read wrong, they were chilling on Obama's Couch.
  19. Okay, i didnt steal shit, i have already seen them again and they didnt say anything about it. And if their boyfriends wanna fight, then we will fight, simple as that. Would it have been better if i handed the girl the bag and gotten her arrested? i basically did her a favor by putting it in my pocket, that way if the cops would have seen it i would be arrested not them, so fuck all of yall haha, im drunk right now so im a bit incoherent...
  20. nice..still no pics? I wanna see before u smoke it all.:smoke:
    Was only a gram,not really considered 'stealing', they didnt ask for it back either but i think you should at least smoke them out for that. :)

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