Free get out of jail card

Discussion in 'General' started by Gag On Grass, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. Heh, today i was playin a homerun dirby with a few friends, and there were cops driving up and down the road by the field, and they parked and were cleaning their cars or something, and were there for awhile, then one came walking down and i thought he was gonna tell us we couldn't play, but then he picked up the bat and started hitting a few, all though he only hit a couple out, my friends could average like atleast 5 per turn, and this is out of 10 strikes. But, whatever, still pretty cool. And then they parked close and were foolin around when i was battin and saying "Strike" and stuff on their loud-speaker or whatever. Me and my friends were jokin afterwards that we now have an official get out of jail card now though :p
  2. haha thats pretty cool glad to see some non asshole cops
  3. thats sweet man, probably th only exercise those cops have gotten all year
  4. no cops round here would do that. lol cool cops near u
  5. not quite all of em :p guess i lucked out today though meetin a few of the cool ones

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