Free Fall Avalanche Grow - FFOF-CFL-HPS

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by IMgreen, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. Got free avalanche seeds that I am growing this fall

    this is the smallest grow I have ever started, but it's gonna be a good one!


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  2. wow
    congrats man!

    i bless this new thread
    good luck
  3. nice! congrats and post a lot of pics so we can monitor your progress
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    Whats up IMG,

    Free Fall Avalanche ,Thats the strain name?

    EDIT!: hhahahaa ahhh man am I ripped, I didnt even read that right... so they are free , avalanche seeds you are growing this fall....Duh...I need a beer!
  5. haha

    Anyways interested to see this grow good luck.
  6. couldn't bear to do another IMgreen's so and so grow
  7. Are those free seeds from HGS? I read up on that strain and the yields are unreal! I cant wait to follow this grow the buds are HUGE!
  8. yeah

    got em free for journaling a white russian/white widow grow!
  9. germed the seeds 2.5 days ago

    2 popped already!

    these are gonna go into peat pellets for a little while

    generic expandable pellets in a super cheap POS dome that came with them, nothing fancy
  10. the other 2 had cracked so they all went into the peat pellets
    (the other 2 will sprout, we don't need to watch tap roots grow - do we?)


    that pic sucks but you get the idea...


    expecting to see sprouts by the weekend

    this is not going to be a fast run by any means

    probably gonna veg them really slow under small CFL's for about 6 weeks
    (flower room is way full atm)

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  11. two decided to pop out of their pods!


    The other two are just shy I think

    and don't bother to tell me to lower my light, thats not why they are so tall


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  12. nice man, this should be good :wave:
  13. Lower your light!

    Hahhaha just kidding man!

    Good luck with your new grow dude!

  14. Jesus so much bud on those plants. Hope yours turn out as well if not better :D
  15. don't tell anybody - but I expect better results than that with these

    After reading that thread it seems she's a hungry strain and wants LOTS of nutes and it looks to me like this round was fed a bit on the light side (still turned out real well though)

    this is going to be the perfect end to end "this is what you can do with dirt" grow


    (now watch the shit hit the fan in a few weeks cuz I said that)

    or my hydro stuff will take a massive hit and die!

    or flood!

  16. Haha don't trip it will turn out good. I wonder how the smoke report on that bud is i have never heard of it till you posted this.
  17. great start chuck, i cant wait to see how this strain plays out
  18. I'm all eyes and ears greenie!
    Put us soil growers to a shame!;)

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