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  1. Colin Davies is currently on remand in Stangeways prison, Manchester, England. He is due for trial some time after June 1st. He is there for breach of bail after returning to the Dutch Experience cannabis cafe in Stockport.

    Colin was a founder of the Medical Marijuana Cooperative, formed to supply people in urgent medical need with good quality cannabis.

    Colin was arrested and first charged with cultivation of cannabis. He was found not guilty by a Machester jury on the grounds of medical necessity.

    The next year Colin was arrested again and charged with cultivation of cannabis and supplying it to other medical users (Colin himself uses cannabis to ease the pain from a severe back injury). Once again, Colin was found not guilty on all charges on the grounds of medical necessity.

    In 2001, Colin opened the cannabis cafe The Dutch Experience in Stockport, to help raise funds to supply medical cananbis to more people in need. The cafe was raided by police and Colin arrested again. He was put on bail on condition that he stayed away from the cafe.

    To Colin - a cannabis "healer" that was like asking a doctor to stay away from a hospital. He went back and was arrested and has been in prison ever since.

    Colin has helped many people and hurt nobody through his distribution of medical cannabis. Now he stays in prison on a technicality whilst many people have lost their supply of beneficial medicine.

    Whilst this is going on, Pharmaceutical companies are promising huge profits from the production and sale of cannabinoid extracts.

    We the people hereby call upon HM Government to intravene and secure the immediate release of Colin Davies with all charges dropped.

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