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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by pooldude, Jul 18, 2002.

  1. i figured i'd share this bit of info with everyone ...a freind showed me the cheepest way to generate co2 for your plants...all it takes is a 5 gallon drinking water jug with a hose attached to the top a package of brewers yeast and some water and a little sugar..if i remember it's about 2 cups suger to 4 gallons of room temp water..u can get the brewers yeast at about any beer and wine store then all you have to do is change some of the water every now and then and add some more suger...the brew should start bubbleing within a few hours and there ya when it starts smelling like alchahol it's time to change some of the water by the way...DO NOT DRINK THE SHIT !...the stuff doe's turn to will taste like shit and will probably kill ya!...P.S.TAKE THE HOSE AND STRING IT UP THE WALL INSIDE YOUR CLOSET AND LET THE FAN DO THE REST..
  2. how big of a package of yeast would u use for that???
  3. Man do I remember those days...what a mess,and smell.....another one is a vinegar drip into baking soda.......

    have fun....

  4. i don't think i'm getting co2 until i got the cash for something good. I don't wanna make a mess.
  5. Yeah i'm gonna wait till i've got time install something a bit more permanent, allthough i do have the containers and brewers yeast tablets as i'm prone to making home brew cider....9.0% blows you're head off.....Peace out.....Sid
  6. If i remember right you can purchase hand held c02 guns at your local k-mart or wal-mart. These things are bad ass! Not only does your plant get more carbon dioxide but you get to have a lil fun while doing it =) These things are very usefull during flowering.....
  7. Do you know which department they are sold in? I am interested in buying one as I could sure use them in my closet grow.
  8. Try a sporting goods store that carries bb-guns or paitnball guns or real guns, or try K-Mart
    They are used to co2 powered bb-guns and some (maybe 2 kinds) or paintball pistols. But you're better off asking for the bb-pistol type.
  9. EasyBakeOven, thanks for the info. I am going to a few sporting goods stores to shop around for em.
  10. instead of buying a co2 gun goto a bike shop and get a co2 bike pump....they use the same cartridges as the guns and they are way!!!! cheaper and easier to use, they are around $25can

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