Free coke lol

Discussion in 'General' started by TokinBlue, May 23, 2006.

  1. Well today i was checking out the camera that nushaganazad gave me over the weekend, checkin the pictures and shit that was still on it. Well i noticed some white stuff on the front of it, around the lens and near the flash thing and well all over the front lol. It looked like someone had sprinkled white powder over the front haha and this is what stuck

    well i was talking with him on aim and he convinced me to try some of it so i put some on my gums and tongue......yep this was coke haha. A pretty decent amount too :smoke:

    so uh, thanks dan:D
  2. HAHA, I LOVE IT!!! I have no idea how i could have misplaced that much coke. only time i have is when i dropped an8 ball all over the floor
  3. lol I would've laid down right there and cried
  4. haha, it wasnt my 8ball, and it wasnt my floor, it was in Todds car, and he picked the bag up, turned it upside down(for some fuckin reason it was in open celephane(sp?), and it spilt all over the floor, i yelled at him for a minute, he got upset and went inside, i proceeded to take the seat off and snorrted everything i saw on the ground, got most of it in about 3 mins lol

  5. i mouth is gone right now. It is SO numb that i just do not have

    and that is a SHITLOAD to snort right then and there
  6. it was a decent amount, prolly snorted close to 5 grams worth of material, most of which, cocaine, the rest..i dont wanna knmow about it
  7. hahahahha camera bump niiiice.

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