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  1. my friend has a pound and he was high and i took advantage of it...... he packed me this dub sack for FREE!! well im off to smoke it down>

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  2. i get like 90% of my snuff free from my mom shes grows pretty good Skunk but when i have money i buy GOOD stuff
  3. oh my dear lord don't touch that shwag! Damn you all need to come to Cali and get some real bud....I guess if your in desperate need or dont have the money you got no choice but to smoke that. :(
  4. i love the good shit but my first time stoned was with my moms shit so its got senttamental value if ya know what i mean
  5. Damn, some SHWAGadelic stuff there....
  6. yo dick, a lot of people have to smoke shwag, shut your fucking mouth i'm tired of hearing people like you, if you won't smoke shwag thats fine but shut the fuck up and stop rubbing it into other peoples faces. You don't understand whut its like for some people, don't be a dick and think for once!
  7. Yeah what he said.....BITCH!!!
  8. I said that because the other dude said something about shwag...don't take it to heart (I wasn't trying to be mean). And I think I understand what "it's like for other people" because the only weed I can usually is afford are dime bags all the time, with the occasional eigth or quarter (and it's usually "shwag", at least the dimes and eigths). So man, just chill out; I thought shwageldelic sounded cool...being as I just saw the new Austin Powers when I wrote that, and I was still pretty baked. In the end, weed's weed, get what you can, and enjoy it! And no hard feelings man, I really didn't want to get anyone upset, I try to be as non-hateful as I can.
  9. it really wasn't what you said, XxJWxX was the one that set me off, and i read a post by someone else today that was dissing shwag. errr theres a lot more i wanna say but i don't want to piss myself off and i'm in a "ok" mood right now.
  10. Sorry to say man, but you said I QUOTE:my friend has a pound and he was high and i took advantage of it...... he packed me this dub sack for FREE!! well im off to smoke it down. Well that isnt a dub, it lookz like a dime to me, and if your paying 20$ for that right there then well ur being fucked over badly. The market price for dealers getting the same kinda compressed green as shown in tha pic runs 175$ a Quarter Pound, Do the math. ~No Offense~
  11. That may look like a dime to you but the bag is really 2 inches wide and 3 long buddy...
  12. ANY bud is better than NO bud!

  13. YES!! espesially when its FREE!!
  14. i smoked an O of some free bud the other day, i was fuckin baked.. gotta love friends
  15. chill the fuck out with all the anger man...I was just sayin it was shwag...I dont like shwag because I get the nice sticky icky green...I aint dissin all of chill the fuck out! damn.....gettin me all frustrated..just pack a bowl and relax...i dont like all the hatred.
  16. that weed looks like it might have a few leaves in it dont yeah think? some pretty brown ones to. I honestly would never smoke it, it taste horribe.
  17. stop being so fucking stuck up guys.. cmon.. he got it for free
  18. i bet anything ive smoked far worse than that... that looks like the usual midgrade commersh you get in mid michigan
  19. you Americans, always bickering... lol! We use those glad sandwich bags around here. A good night would be Ziploc Freezer bags, and a great night with your friends would be the Glad kitchen catcher with draw Wish you all could come and visit in about 4 weeks during harvest time. We have a kick ass parade and a beer garden. We all get baked and pick the Queen of the Patch... ahh you Americans...

    All kidding aside, weed is weed. We are not here to judge but to help each other out. Live and let live man. Everyone do thier own thing, be proud, be strong, and be high...
  20. man, im in Germany rite now and i dont kbnow nobody, but ive been askin for bud here and everythings dry i swear, so I would prob pay 20 bux for that, i havnt been high for about 8 weex, but in 4 days when im bak in the st8s, Im gettin me an O of some 60s whith the money ive been savin up.

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