Free Blueberry Plant! :)

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  1. hey hey hey, was good?

    some people might know that i have a little somethin growin, and some might have even caught my grow journal for the... like week and a half it was up. well... here are some updates, if anyone cares.

    Well, my plant is doing fine, almost 20 days old now. couple of the leaves have some yellow on the tips, but it cant be from nute burn cuz i havent used any yet. Still looks healthy though.

    and... for the reason most of you clicked on this thread...

    So today im chillin with my girl and one of our buddies calls us up and asks if we can find him some herb. We said that we were lookin for some too, and then like 5 minutes later he had an oz and me and my girl had a quad, well anyway! I left for a second and when i came back, we smoked like 3 bowls. Then while we are talkin/clownin out of nowhere he says "oh yeah, i put my plant with yours" and i said... lol WHAT? and then my girl was like "yeah... I told him he could put it in the grow box" So... i go over to where my little 20 day old plant is, and look in, and there is a plant like 5 times taller then mine. lol. He said the strain was blueberry, and it was a girl. The first thing i did was pick it up ((not in a big pot yet)) and looked at it! I would say its like 10 inches tall or so. It is DEF. a girl though cuz they already sexed it, and i saw the lil hairs

    Its gonna be ok if i throw it back into veg for another few weeks so the little one has a chance in the box right? If not, i will for sure put that thing into flower, and whatever happens with my lil plant happens.

    p.s.- i have NO clue how this plant was grown up to this point. No nute info or how old it is or anything. It looks VERY nice though. I am constructing a new grow box so i can try to keep both of these going, and i might even take a clone if its still possible.

    is it possible to close after plant has shown sex and already has lil hairs here and there?

    pics tomorrow ASAP if needed
  2. you lucky motherfucker........blueberry is so goddamned tasty

    im so jealous :smoke: but happy at the same time cuz oxy is fanfuckingtastic
  3. Indeed. Some of the best bud I have been priveliged to smoke. DJ Short really out did himself with this strain.
  4. Yeah, blueberry is a very very nice smoke. I've only had it twice since i moved here to the nap.

    I need help with the clonin Q cuz i might use this as a mother if its possible.
  5. you definitely should! just try to keep it as a mother and take some clones until your little one is tall enough to set them both into flower. :] good luck with everything
  6. learn me man. who's dj short.
  7. DJ short is a breeder.

    his blueberry is supposed to be amazing. tru blueberry it's called, and i've heard it's not a lie.

    i think the seeds are like 100-130 for a pack of 10.

    but if you got a mother out of a pack, it would pay for itself easily.

    even if you grew and only harvested an ounce, still well worth it.
  8. ey, was good.

    heres a couple shitty pics i took real quick, might get some better ones tonight.

    new *blueberry* is on the right (female)... my lil dank bagseed plant is on the left (still veggin)

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  9. Is it too late so start some LST on the bigger one?
  10. hey rasta i need to build a box similar to what you have going on so that my light stays down in the box and doesn't leak out the corners of my closet (stealth reasons). the only problem i'm having is how I'm going to get air circulating inside the box because my fan is too big and i need the walls of the box to go up past the sides of my 400watt hps. you got any ideas? just asking cuz i noticed the way you have yours set up.

    edit: oh and by the way no I don't think it's too late to LST the bigger one. go for it.
  11. I've done a lot of reading on clones and LST since last night, and im still not sure which i wanna do. Probably take some clones, and LST those.

    On the light leakage situation, i mounted my lil comp. fan INTO the wall of the box, and made a little light catcher that still lets some light out, but not as much as without it. Its not really a "stealth" project so i dont care if i have a lil light leak.

    p.s.- more pics in about a hour or so!
  12. I think you should go ahead and LST. If you are careful not to do it too rough you won't hurt anything. By the way, are those 5 gallon buckets? They look like the soil is barely filled up halfway. You should get more soil in there. The whole point of using a big bucket like that is giving the roots more space to grow.
  13. Nah, def. not 5 gal. lil cups man lol

    the soil came @ that level, i am DEF. transplantin it ASAP cuz i dunno how the roots are survivin that

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  14. lol sorry. I didn't enlarge them, and from the top down they looked a lot bigger.

    how tall are the plants?
  15. bigger one is like 8-10 inches or so and the smaller one is like 3-4
  16. are those 9 oz red party cups
  17. wow i didnt think theyd grow that big in just 16 oz cups
  18. me either! i was shocked too lol
  19. i am still so goddamn jealous. its been a long long time since my lips have tasted some blueberry......i needs me some soon :smoke:

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