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FREE Adobe CS2 (I know, but it's FREE!)

Discussion in 'Silicon (v)Alley' started by hhbhagat1417, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. Adobe CS2 Downloads

    The above link lists all the software available from CS2 for FREE! Adobe made a goof and the news sites misunderstood it as a CS2 Giveaway, but in fact, it is to allow CS2 users to reinstall their software. Adobe is going to shutdown their activation servers for CS2, and thusly, they need to release keys that work without a server.

    Linked above are the direct downloads for those editions and the serials next to them. HAVE FUN!!
  2. Sweet, it has adobe premiere
  3. Just came over here to post this same link.

    I agree, though. Yeah, its a decade old by now, but honestly, its still better than anything else out there thats 'free'.

    I'll be installing on my PC when I get home.
  4. Photoshop cs2 is soo much better than gimp and paint.NET
  5. I've actually been using photoshop CS2 since I was in highschool, never upgraded to cs3 or whatever. I got premiere installed but don't know how the hell to get a clip in the timeline. Gave up after like 10min haha
  6. You have to import it into a 'bin' first, then drag-n-drop into the timeline.

    At least that sounds right based on memory :confused_2:... I havent used Premiere in quite a while, but used it all the time back when Halo2 was popular. Had a blast making nerdy H2 videos.

    Also, Ive been informed that apparently Adobe did not intend this to be freeware, now. IT was intended for people whom already have a valid license. :rolleyes:
  7. Technically, yes, but unless a DMCA takedown occurs, we are safe under the Safe Harbor provision. (Some guy on woot's words, not mine).
  8. Um...nope. It's all a hoax.

    Adobe Community: Recommendations for laptop specs to run CS2 and FrameMaker 8

  9. I just hope that now that the serial keys are out in the wild, if Adobe will turn right round and tell us that they actually were intending on giving away this EOL software. Come on, Adobe. The Mac version of CS2 is sooo old, it for PPC and thus requires 10.6 or lower with Rosetta. Either that or an actual PPC mac (but who uses those anymore?)
  10. My grandparents :laughing:

  11. Ah sweet thanks man. That's pretty much what I'm planning on doing, making nerdy video game movies
  12. Official 0Day update. Adobe officially announced that CS2 is in fact free and is now available for download!!!!!! LEGAL and ENDORSED!

    Adobe - CS2 Downloads
  13. o_O sweet hahh time to kill maaaddd time thanks OP
  14. The ADBEAudition_loopolgy.7z file for Audition is like 4.2 gigs.

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