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  1. I know that during late flower your plants start to lose their nitrogen but my plants all three of them have leaves turning yellow from the bottom up and now on one plant the stem is turning purple from the bottom up what the hell im giving it nutes for the N def its just getting worse:(:( they are a little over 4 weeks into flower. please help:(
  2. The bottom 3rd of your plant - forget about worrying most of what you see will be the 'fan leaves' theat feed the rest of your plant, and whatever you do DONT give it too much nutes or you will have SERIOUS problems dude.

    If you want what i did at your stage was give her a good shower and ran a good few liters of water through her - letting it drain for a bit.

    Nutes for feeding in floweer should be LOW N - HIGH P - LOW K,,
    I use bio bloom myself.
    One other tip for you i got some 'black strap' treacle from tescos, and i add 1 teaspoon to my regular feed (check my grow log for more detail) molasses will defo help your plant since i started using them in week 4 flower the buds have just exploded (it can encourage a few bugs, but just keep on top of that0

    good luck dude, PM me if you want more detail.
  3. So if Im growing in five gallon pots how much water should I flush with?
  4. Your fan leaves are supposed to die.

    I'm not sure if this is the right biology, but from what I understand the plant gets towards the end of its seasonal cycle (towards winter and seed production), and so it literally consumes the leaves to produce more buds and resin. You don't want to pluck them off while there is still any green in the fan leaves, but the plant wants that energy/material for making more buds. So leave it (ok, bad pun).

    As for giving your plant nutes during the flowering stage...You should not need to give it much -N-. By this time, your plant should hardly be growing at all vertically, and all energy the plant gets is going into bud and resin production. There is very little need for -N- at this point. Just switch to a bloom/flowering nute, with a low -N-, and you should be fine.

    The only thing that concerns me are that your leaves are dying so early. Usually fan leaves dying and falling off happens towards the end of the flowering stage...when the plant is trying to eek out that last bit of energy and material to surge in bud and resin production.

    Don't freak out. You can flush if you really think you have been giving too much nutrients. Or, just give it plain water for a few watering cycles, let the plant consume what is in its soil, and then start giving it bloom/floweing nutes.

    And yes, the fan leaves will continue to die and fall off. It is a slow process, but let the plant do its thing. The less we fiddle with them, the better. The plant knows better than you.
  5. 15 gallons, rule is 3x the pot size your using
  6. I have heard that too just seems like a lot
  7. nah, u literally trying to flush out excess salts and buildups, which i think you should do,.

    take it to the bathtube and start flushing, use a little then stop, use a little then stop, and check your run-off ph while your doing it to make sure its in check, ph problems are number one plant problem imo, gl tho hope everything turns out well

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