Freaking Out?

Discussion in 'General' started by Justin1020304, Apr 12, 2016.

  1. i used to smoke for about 2 years almost everyday sometimes all day. and then i realized i couldnt be without it without feeling depressed or very moody, also i smoked one time and freaked out and since then i kept getting very bad parnoia and anxiety i thought it was laced. and then i went about 3 month/3 1/2 months away from weed. and just recently i went and got some to see if i still would experience the same problem, i smoked and it was pretty nice a little anxiety but i was okay. and then about a hour or 2 later smoked some more and that when i got very Paranoid, Insecure like i was messing everything up. i realize something about my body just doesnt go well with weed. but i still want to smoke it even though i dont have a good time on it most of the time... i dont know whats going on. anyone had anything like this? Advice? I just want to enjoy weed again like I used to. Just from smoking one small bowl out I get way to high. I miss just relaxing and enjoying it with some music
  2. Smoke very small amounts until you gain some tolerance. To begin take one small puff and stop. I know that paranoid feeling like you're fucking up somewhere, I usually am.

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