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Freakin Out

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by plk79, May 20, 2013.

  1. Im 33 yrs old not sure how much i weigh since ive been loseing weight latly....heres my delimma...i went 2 court and dropped clean on may 13 was given new court date july 13 and told 2 drop i smoked about 3 or 4 hits a day 4 like 5 days of just reg not very good at all and got a letter telling me b in court may 29th at 4 p.m.! Now im freakin out! Any chance ill b cleaan!!??? O and ive been clean just4 long time b4 this
  2. should be fine. just dont smoke anymore and excercise and drink lots of water.
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    well after taking the time to decipher your strange language. yes, you should be fine, lots of water and exercise 
  4. Sorry u couldnt understand my "strange language" lol
  5. Do you have supervised urine tests where you live at?
  6. Yes supervised
  7. Drink lots of water and maybe some apple or prune juice and sweat a lot. Pee as much as you can and you should be fine I'd say.
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    I would call myself a professional drug test cheater. I cheated for a half year (and many other times too) when i was taking regular urine tests once every two weeks. I passed every time. I even managed to pass a test when i had smoked around 1g of dank hash 5 days earlier. But on the other hand, i'm pretty tall and skinny and have a fast metabolism.
    Here's what you want to do. Drink LOTS of water (especially before you're going to sleep), exercise daily, drink more water, repeat. You should wake up with a bladder that feels like it's about to explode. This is very important because your body is going to release more thc during those hours you're sleeping. You should stop exercising 3 days before the test, exercising will release more thc because you're losing fat. When you are at this stage ( 3 days before the test) you should drink more than lots of water (not dangerously much). Keep doing this.
    When you reach the day you're going to take the test. Drink water like a motherfucker and urinate as much as possible. Keep your urinating going all the time because this will cause you to only piss water. NOW, you don't want your water to be transparent, or they will suspect you cheating. To get your urine yellow again you will need to take b vitamines. Don't take too much! This will make your urine golden-green. Looks fucked up i must say. Play around with the b vitamines as soon as possible to know how much you will need to take to make it yellow.
    Result = Water "urine" that is yellow because of b vitamines.
    Of course, the risk of you failing will increase if they send it to a lab analysis. I can't guarantee you will pass this but it's a very safe method if done correctly.
    Good luck! You will feel so much win once you passed.

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