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Discussion in 'General' started by Hempy, Apr 11, 2004.

  1. hey ladies and gents...
    i dont really know how to start this off, its pretty weird but....

    i've never heard of this before, but recently i noticed that when ever i just TALK about smokin weed, or listen to music that i listen to when im smokin weed, or when im in a small room chatting with people one on one, i get HIGH or something... like i can go a day without smokin weed, and then the next day at just a random time i feel like im spinnin out hard!!! im not saying this is a bad thing, but recently it happend to me on the same day as some tests i needed to pass with a certain percentage to graduate and shit...and i'm pretty sure i fucked them up.... i dont know its kinda sweet how i can get high and not smoke any weed i guess... but it seems like it could really fuck me over...

    does anyone know what could cause this, or has anyone ever heard of anything like this?? its really weird.
    let me know!
    thanks :-/

    - hempy
  2. when i first started smoking i noticed that for a few months. i can remember being in class and looking at my teacher and just thinking "wooaah... i feel fried"

    whatd we used to call it??


    afterburn! hahahah. man, good times back in the day :D
  3. i've been smokin reef for roughly 4 years and this shits just now happening.... oh well

    atleast i know its not only me...

    thanks ^^

    - hempy

  4. hahaha you think that only happens to you?, lol
  5. haha... nah i just never heard anyone talk about it before i had no clue it was normal... lol

    - hempy

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