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Discussion in 'General' started by StanMarsh, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. This happened to me a while ago, but its about time I try to figure out what actually happened....

    So I'm not an avid smoker anymore but I have blazed a lot in the past. Couple months ago I made a triumphant return....except it wasn't so triumphant. I was at a small party and the guy who was rippin the bong was some rich kid who apparently always get the dankest of the dank. Me in my drunken stupor didnt give a shit, i take one hit and i'm fucking assed out. I mean this stuff was RIDICULOUS. 5 min later i'm officially in another world, higher than ive ever been before...and everyone knows it.

    So of course someones gonna start messing with the high kid, totally legit. but it wasnt just people saying wierd shit to mess with me. heres what i remember....

    I'm sitting there trying to enjoy this trippy ass experience when the music in the background goes off and is replaced by the sound of a concert crowd. so i'm thinking its a track from a live album. i listen to it more and i can hear the crowd chanting something, and all the sudden im all tranced out. then a couple minutes later i realized the crowd is chanting 'Freak out! Freak out! Freak out!" over and over again. so what do i do? thats right... i start to freak out like what the hell is this shit!? then the track starts playing random sounds like a cell phone ringing and cars whizzing by, all kinds of stuff. I'm all paranoid now like these guys are REALLY trying to fuck with me. I end up having to go outside im so fucked up at this point.

    Has anyone ever heard of this shit? like a legitimate song made to mess with the high kid and make people freak out? or was I just in super paranoid mode?
  2. Hahahahahaha this is some gooood shit.
  3. lmao.. what a crazy story.. man that is nuts :D
  4. He is like, "who smoked the 5000mg of dmt?"

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