Freak out in the Meat aisle

Discussion in 'General' started by AhToker, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. So I went out to a Save a lot near my house to pick up some bacon. I'm looking around in the meat aisle for the bacon and I walk by a cart to get closer. An older lady looks at me and says "What are you doing?! Do you just bump into people's carts like that! And she is pretty pissed off during the time.

    At first I thought she didnt like me being around her cart because I was hispanic lol But I look like a good person so it couldnt of been that. She grabs her cart and storms off. Other people were watching and laughing with me a little. I hear her in the aisle next to me a little later and can hear her talking to herself.

    I felt offended at first but I guess she just wasnt mentally stable. While in line she passea by with her cart dropping some salsa next to me, I was gonna pick it up and hand it to her but she quickly grabbed it.

    Then she starts complaining about how the store needs better moving carts. I was fairly high so the whole experience was a little amusing but I felt bad for her after
  2. Idda been like.

    What does 5 fingas say to the face??


    SLAP! bitch!
  3. I thought she was gonna attack me for a moment lol
  4. shoulda fucked her dude
  5. She wanted the D
  6. Weird things always happen when i'm high in public haha
  7. Ha, fucking supermarket customers. reminds me of a time at work. I was talking to a customer who had a cart full of stuff. Another customer, a middle aged man, slowly walks up to this womans cart, grabs a bit joint of meat out of it and tries to walk off.

    Since the cart was directly in between us, we both easily notice and the woman calmly says "Excuse me, you can't just take other people's shopping like that" to which the guy angrily replies "DON'T BE SO RUDE TO PEOPLE!" slams the meat back in the cart and just storms off leaving us bewildered and confused ha.
  8. haha damn. You cant get too mad at old people though there either starting to slip mentally or at that point where they dont give a fuck what you or anyone else thinks
  9. Yeah I know D: I love the elderly though. So much knowledge I can learn from them if you take the time to talk to them
  10. unfortunately that's hard because not many of them have the energy to talk
  11. this is why i go grocery shopping at midnight. and at wegmans (less crazy people there)
  12. That is not a grocery store for broke people
  13. Never heard of that store lol
  14. I shop at the 99 cent store.

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