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  1. any blades pledge a frat or sorority in college?

    i would love to hear some stories or insight?

    one of my friends wants to this fall but he is hesitant
  2. Nope, but after watching all the American Pies it looks pretty fun. :D
  3. I have no regrets. My favorite semester so far was my pledging semester. Hell week's the best.
  4. explain? whatd you do? i heard hell week sucks
  5. If hell weeks the best, then no offense your in a pussy frat.
  6. hell week is supposed to be torturous
    i rushed a frat but couldnt pay for it and had to drop out

    might pledge next semester. if u join a cool frat pussy rolls in by the second and u just drink and have a good time
  7. If you are a loser and need to pay for friends then join a fraternity. Sorry to say, but guys who join frats are the ones with no confidence and can't get any pussy. They also have trouble making friends which is why they have to pay for them. This frat begged me to join my first year and I told them that I have friends and don't need to purchase any at the moment.
  8. We had our male group of elite drinks who sole duties were to make sure the party made it past 3 AM. To get in, all of us would give you a bottle of tequila, and a whole japaleno.

    The rest is up to you. Fucking HILARIOUS.
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    Wow, haha did some frat boy fuck your girl or something? You seem to have a lot of hate towards frats for no specific reason. I plan on joining a frat for the experience.. My brother, all his friends, and all my older friends have all joined frats and have all said it is well worth it. Maybe youre not cool enough to join a good one? Just a thought.
  10. you made the, drink the entire bottle? holy shit

    how does that go? is that even possible?

    and how much do you have to pay?

  11. My roomate was in a frat lol. And you best believe I made fun of him hardcore in fact. I had quite a few friends in one frat but and they BEGGED me to join but I declined cuz I have always seen it as paying for friends. And as for the not cool enough thing are you like 5 years old? that has nothing to do with it. I just think frats are lame and actually the chick I was fuckin at the time he was my roomate was this dude WHO WAS IN A FRATS chick I pretty much stole her from him even though he was a scrub to begin with so your little theory there doesn't work. I had more than enough money to join I just don't pay for friends.
  12. Everyone I know in a frat had to do some really gay shit when they pledged
  13. A couple of my friends are in frats

    They aren't all douchebags. Most of the guys I met were actually really chill and down to earth
  14. see, i wouldnt want to do hella gay shit to pledge or pay hella. just thought it may be a cool experince. and my friend is probably gonna join

  15. HAHAHA yea frat guys are pretty homo. I knew some people who did gay shit to get into frats and I didnt talk to them after that.
  16. Well it sucked, but it was mad fun too. We couldn't sleep or shower all week, and we had a scavanger list with things the brothers wanted us to steal and other randoms shit.
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    The reason why I say that is cause you generalized every frat boy as someone who can't get friends, can't get pussy. To me that's immature, so I replied with another sarcastic immature comment. Anyways looks like I got my answer, you don't like your roommate and based a whole group of people on him. I also really don't see how it's paying for friends, but whatever doesn't really matter to me.

  18. Must of been some REALLY gay shit to not talk to them after.

  19. no sleep? that fucking sucks man

    stealing shit sounds fun though hahah

  20. Ive heard many stories of group porno viewings/jerk off sessions

    followed by double fisting and yelling WOOOOOO

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