Frank Motherfucking Zappa

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  1. some kind of superhuman music god.
  2. WOOO titties and beer!

    And that Moon Unit is a fox. ;)
  3. fellow brother of the zappa!

    he is crazy man i love his music. billy the mountain is such an awesome song so hilarious. he has so many awesome fucking albums its insane. he is in fact god.


  4. hahaha. and "i promise not to come in your mouth". he's the only person with enough balls to name a song that!
  5. Haha i did a review of that song in my Grade 12 Media Studies class! :D
  6. HOLY SHIT! I missed this thread.

    Anyways, Zappa is a mutha' fucking god of music, one hell of a composer, and is a great humorist. I love listening to his music. My favorite songs are Catholic Girls, Don't Eat the Yellow Snow, Willie the Pimp, Bobby Brown, I'm the Slime, and many others. It's a shame he was so anti drug. It would have really fit his ego if he wasn't.
  7. hot rats = best album ever
  8. man, i'm just gettin into this dude. he's fucking awesome. yesterday it was my birthday, and my first present was waking up, getting fucking baked, and then coming across the Frank Zappa movie, "200 Motels", on the Sundance Channel. holy shit. that was amazing.

    EDIT- first most memorable song by him was when i was younger, getting a ride home from band practice with our guitarist and his dad...his dad was fucking blaring "CRUE SLUT!!!" and shit. good times. crue slut is definitely what i think of when i think of zappa. for now, at least.
  9. Damn right, he deserves more credit. He is amazing and a musical genius.
  10. A TShirt I made :D :

  11. HAhA. He was only anti-drug in his later years... i believe he was the next Jesus... and he will be resurrected soon. Black Napkins is the greatest guitar piece i have ever had the pleasure of listening too.
  12. Don't fool yourself girl, it's going right your....................................

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