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Foxfarm's Bushdoctor Sledgehammer?!?!?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by 13pointsOfLight, Mar 1, 2007.

  1. is this stuff mythical or what? I love these products but is this stuf still available or what? i did a search and there was little info...but it didnt look good . if not does anyone have a different product that they would endorse as a a nute flush. i got a product called flora clean...has anyone used this and maybe have an opinion of it?...just thought id ask:) i love this community!
  2. yeah my local hydro shop sells all the fox farm nutes, if you really need to flush just use alot of water thats what i do. i use double the ammount of volume to flush. meaning my pots are 3 gallon so i flush with six gallons of straight water. but im like 99.9 percent sure you can still buy sledgehammer and bush doctor. your local hydro shop will have other brands that do similar im sure.
  3. ive heard its available in canada. do any of my brothers from the north got a spot i might be able to find this stuff. also still open to a different product that somebody might use with their hydro setup.

  4. As of 3-13-2007 it is not available in the U.S.
    I have been using House and Garden's "Drip Clean" with the FoxFarm line and it is great.
    Use a tiny bit (.4ml/gal) every feeding and all is well!

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