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  1. okay now i got the feeding schedule but it shows u week to week on about 12 weeks into flowering.. uhmm from seedling to blooom.

    now should i skip 2 weeks on the schedule and continue as if it was weeks 2?..

    anyone have great results with FOXFARM products?

    is it safe to mix the nutrients now and keep them stored for the next feeding?
  2. yeah they not premix ........experiment with what works best for should be in 12/12 for 10-12 weeks
  3. okay cool... thank you..

    so the only time to fix the nutrients ( big bloom & tiger bloom) only when ur about to feed the plant right?.. (this is for my big 5 month old plant outside)

    i also have a clone and it's starting to show a few roots..... should i feed it a foliar spray and let it chill under one CFL & humidified in a good done for a about 1 more week & then plant it and turn on the rest of the CFL's.. i noticed last time my other clone seem to have failed with all those cfl's on

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