foxfarm and nutrients - need help

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  1. hey im new to growing and havnt been able to find a good post of the best nutrients to use with foxfarm

    now i know foxfarm oceanforst is about the best soil u can buy but what nutrients work best with it ? i saw one guy using growbig and tigerbloom during veg but im pretty lost on what i need for flowering . anyhelp would be awesome as im going to go to the hydroshop today
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    Why not use the Fox Farm Nutrients as well?

    I have had great results following a slightly scaled down version of the Fox Farm Feeding Scedule.
  3. Your a little confused buddy. Grow big is for veg. But with foxfarm soils you wont need nutes for almost a month. And TigerBloom is your flowering nute. And it is bad ass.
  4. Actually if you use the Fox Farm feed shedule you still use a few doses of Grow Big during bloom.

    They can be over use, but the Fox Farm soluables are also good products (Open Sesame, Beasty Bloomz, and Cha-Ching)

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