Fox Tails?

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  1. now that my buds are getting close to harvest a few of them are foxtailing a little, not as bad as some of the pics ive seen online. but some people like it some dont, some say its a sign of maturity?
    what do u guys think? there mainly on my colas and all the phenos didnt get them it just seems like the more sativa phenos foxtailed and the other more indica doms are tight nugs. i was thinking of just trimming them off.

  2. If its on a sativa....its probably a second growth ....why trim them and shock a live plant?
  3. fox tailing is usually on sativas and crowning on indicas..I get it on indicas sometimes and it just buds building on buds like was said...its just genetics
  4. ya this is a diesel cross but its a little heavier on the indica side i belive, 1 pheno does it more than the others. and i wasnt saying trim it now. i was saying when i harvest i will probably trim them in the process. ive just heard so many mixed opinions on them i wanted to see what some other people had to say.
  5. Its a sign of heat stress.
  6. yep what he said ^ my buds foxtail when their too close to the light and when i run the temps a little too hot
  7. Pics?

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  8. [SUB]I don't see an issue with foxtailing.its more bud?[/SUB]
  9. you lose denseness of buds, and hence lose weight.
    so yeah it is an issue.
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    The cola is already formed and then you get spurs of extra bud piling up. How can this possibly result in less density? Or weight loss? 
    I get fox tailing now and then, it depends on the plant. I have a blue cheese that I have grown several times now (clones) and it always fox tails. It's not particularly attractive but it's extra bud so I'm not complaining

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