FOX says Marijuana WILL KILL YOU

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  1. [ame=]YouTube - FOX News says Marijuana is dangerous![/ame]

    Listen to a certain part of the vid, you'll here it. They keep spewing bullshit. I'm sick of it.
  2. Lol, they can keep showing stories like this until the sun comes home; but gradually, people are waking up to the lies that they have been fed for so long. People are gradually starting to understand that the media do lie, and blow things way out of proportion. We can thank the internet for allowing the general public to begin thinking for themselves as opposed to soaking up all the lies procured by the mass media.
  3. fox, in my opinion, has always done reports like this. whenever they have a guest on the news about legalizing marijuana or what not, the anchor will just be close minded and shoot down everything the interviewee says. from now on, the only thing i watch on fox is family guy
  4. the cop just meant that it'll get you blasted.

    u know, like 'this is killer shit'. fuckin dorky reporter just misunderstood.
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    But thats the thing, if the cop said that it will kill you, he knows the general pubic will take that seriously. Not like us potheads that know what that actuallly means

    Fuck I realized I wrote pubic instead of public, I'm keepin it that way tho
  6. [​IMG]
  7. really old video
    i think they smartened up(a littttttttle bit) since then
  8. All of the MSM is full of shit but I agree with bobba that Fox has been taking the edge off of the bullshit lately
  9. Yea, I was going to say I saw this awhile ago. Its to the point where almost every American is realizing how much of their money the governments been spending and still nothing has happened. This is the real change the United States needs
  10. i love it when they say that this is grown under 24 hours of light unlike marijuana grown outside so it has 200% the potency.

    funny shit
  11. I'm going to the suburbs and I'm bring my satanic drugs with me. Lock your kids inside:devious:
  12. Fortunately that video is 2 years old. Their attitude has been more ... reasonable, when it comes to marijuana recently.
  13. Are you suprised...
  14. hahahaha i thought i was the only one who caught that.

    so basically he is saying that a plant grown outdoors like this

    of the SAME EXACT stuff that is grown indoors is more dangerous? obviously they got there facts wrong for the simple fact its not grown 24 hrs a day. and the thc levels have only risen like 8% in the past like 30 40 yrs...
  15. this is two years old. This is the marijuana NEWS section. This should go in the marijuana OLDS section.

    Anyone? Anyone?
  16. yeah this shits definitely outdated. a lots changed in 2 years.
  17. Haven't we said that Pot is just as strong and the stuff people smoked 1,000+ years ago?
  18. I remember watching that vid when it came out. Haha.

  19. well, It's definitely not. Genetics and growing techniques have changed that.

    I've never really got the whole "not your grandpa's marijuana" argument... Yeah, it's more potent, but that just means you have to smoke less to get your desired effect, which is ultimately more healthy.

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