Fox News says yes to legalization of marijuana

Discussion in 'Politics' started by SpacedOut, Oct 6, 2009.

  1. Good. Mabye more people will start waking up. Fox ,afterall as Bill O Reily has pointed out many times, they are the most watched cable news network.
  2. another step closer..
  3. This wasnt aired on national tv though, I think its internet only with Napolitano:mad:
  4. Did I just see someone on fox saying the marijuana laws were draconian?
  5. There's a huge difference between Freedom Watch, and regular FOX News.
  6. We are over the apex. There is nothing that can stop our movement now, the medical movement in CO alone is growing exponentially. Legalizing marijuana is going to be an extremely important victory for the PEOPLE.:smoking:
  7. It's insane. Since I left a year ago ALL my friends are now patients/providers and legally grow pot.

    I'm renting a townhome in Eagle for 6 months to start an operation, and it turns out my landlords own a dispensary in the neighboring town!
  8. The movement is strong it will be soon that we will have the freedom to smoke this lovely plant in FREEDOM!!!!
  9. Unless they use it to appease us, pull the curtain over our eyes, and attempt to integrate us into mainstream so that we become just as complacent and cooperative as the norm, while they roll forward with the bigger goals of their agenda. For a couple of years now I've been thinking they'll legalize as a means of social control. I've yet to be convinced otherwise.

    I just hope that if I'm right, it backfires on them.
  10. Obama might just have to do something, because he has failed on all fronts thus far, and not kept any promises, even to his leftwing base.

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