Fox news ftw!?

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  1. Yea fuck fox but they have done something good for once. Right now they are tuning a special called illegal everything. They are shelling how you can't do anything in this country (US). They show how the government is weaning out entrepreneurs out to keep out competitors. It's fucking rediculous. You can't open a lemonade stand unless you take a 15 hour class on food safety, you must have a fire extinguisher on hand at the lemonade stand... It's fucking rediculous.

    You can't open a taxi cab service unless you have 1,000,000 dollars on hand to buy a license. Corporations or wealthy wealthy people are the only ones able to do that, and then buy the taxis and hire workers. Washington DC is the only city not require to buy the badges, but lobbiests are being paid to send a bill thy would require the million dollar badges. The lawmaker said he was paid 750 an hour to work on that bill...

    I wan to rage about more but I can't, I'll get too pissed toff. Please watch it and comment on it and show your frustration on Facebook and this thread.

    The special is called "Illegal Everything."
    Sweet found it:

    [ame=]John Stossel's Illegal Everything - YouTube[/ame]
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    Wow, sounds spot on haha! Ill give it a watch right now. bbs

    *edit* Its official.. im even more pissed off than i origionally was!!!! WHO THE FUCK DO THE FEDS THINK THEY ARE?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!? I cant wait for the day they all get cut down to size with the simple wave of a legislators pen. The problem is THAT simple to solve. Unfuckingbelievable.... And im only 8minutes into the program.
  3. Fox news has surprisingly been pretty good lately. There was a program on the other day high lighting the fact that the director of the...FBI i think it was was unable to explain due process and how sad it was. They also commented on the assassination of American citizens in other countries and how wrong it is.
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    Yup, your exactly right, and judge napolitano was on it commenting aswell! Hes ron pauls possible Vice President. He actually got fired for the video i posted below. I posted the FBI director unable to answer about due process yesterday i think! I love how all of this is in such plain sight. The world is watching, things are about to get interesting =)

    I personally dont believe in any form of violence, but i am definitely not in the majority when it comes to this opinion. I cant wait to see these people get a taste of their own medicine. America is waking up =D

  5. He got fired for that video? Dear god, when people start getting fired on shows where they are paid for their opinions because of their opinions, then we have a problem. At least America is starting to wake up and realize that our rights are being stomped on and disregarded. Was that you who posted the video on the FBI director the other day? awesome :)
    Also, what part of the land of lincoln do you reside in? Im from central/eastern illinois.
  6. Yeah 'officially' that video wasnt the reason, but that was the last show he made before he was let go. And im in the burbs about an hour west of chicago. Hopefully going to be moving north into a more rural area soon though. Not far though, probably only 45mins north or so.
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  8. Oh yeah, I think NPR did a segment a long time ago about the taxi license thing. That is such BS. Thanks for sharing the video. I will watch later when I have time.

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