fox news at it again

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  1. \tthe people that perpetrate this trash should be flogged harshly.  These idiots deserve a good beating... 
    \tFox News Host: Minorities Should Stop Smoking Pot To Balance Unfair Arrest Rates

    <div style="margin:0px;">[​IMG]Fox News bobblehead Martha MacCallum thinks the solution to unfairly high minority arrest-rates for marijuana is that minorities just stop smoking it.
    "The reason that [Obama] believes that it should be legal, and that the experiment in Washington and Colorado is a good one is because he says that minorities are incarcerated at an unfair rate compared with non-minorities who are smoking pot," MacCallum said. "And that may be true in the numbers."
    Her solution?
    "Maybe there should be a campaign to discourage pot use among minorities, to say that there's a better way to make it in your future and to take better care of your body," the she said. "Seems like a strange argument to me."
    And yours seems like a strange one to us to us, Martha...


  2. Dumb ass, but really news anchors are just parroting what they are told to say.  It has nothing to do with journalistic integrity or even basic intelligence.
  3. Yeah, that's the ticket - quit smokin' all you lowlife minorities!  Hmmm. maybe that's not going to work out so well.
  4. Fox isn't even real news  :laughing: 
    they're just a biased powerhouse of bullshit. 
  5. man.. where to begin...
  6. Well the hole blown in that argument is that it isn't that minorities are using it more, in fact there is an equal or greater number of whites that use MJ despite minorities being arrested four times the amount.  Now why is that?
    Obama isn't giving minorities a pass, he's recognizing that they're persecuted four times the rate of whites for breaking the same law.  And if this is being enforced unfairly, then it's time to rethink the approach.
    Fox is dense though.  They message all their narratives to old white conservative men with an emphasis on matching their cognitions at the deliberate reckless expense of facts.
  7. I am a FoxNews watcher and even I think this was a dumbass comment. :(
  8. It's the 80's all over again. Great Nancy Reagan impersonation. "Just say no."
    At least I can just laugh at this shit and not let it get me all riled up anymore. Media is a joke no matter the channel. Turn it off.
  9. Pretty sure she is just saying we should keep the war on drugs going. D.A.R.E. to get up, stand up!

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