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Fox Farms vs Advanced Nutrients

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by CrossGore, May 20, 2011.

  1. Okay so I want the best for my plants, money is no issue. I use fox farms (big bloom, tiger bloom, and grow big). If you could please share your experiences and opinions about the nutes! I am thinking about using Advanced Nutrients for my next grow!
  2. A lot of long time growers use Lucas formula which isn't even aimed at marijuana cultivation. Having a $90 quart of bud factor isn't going to make a difference if you can't read the plants and have a bad environment for growing.

    Just keep using the FF nutes while you gain experience. Also looking into what exactly the expensive products have and what their purpose is. With some research you can most likely find a much cheaper product that does the exact same thing but doesn't have a fancy label.
  3. If you are using FF right now why not add in the solubles for your next round?

    Also you can throw in superthrive during veg and molasses during flower.

    I love Foxfarms.
  4. Unsuplhered molasses is also good during veg as it feeds both the plant and the beneficial micro organisms in the soil.

  5. Advanced Nutrients is the one to choose if I had to choose between AN and FF.

    Sensi A&B
    Big Bud
    Bud Candy
    Voodoo Juice

    Awesome lineup for me. They have organics too if you're into that. good luck!
  6. Thats very hard to quantify if you are not doing side by side comparisons with everything the same. Once you do that then you can form a better opinion.

    Some people say FF is the best because they never used anything else. Some say GH is the best for the same reason etc etc.

    I think that any of the nutes that are geared towards a mj cultivator are probably good. I would wager 99% of the problems involved are from there owners screwing things up ... using to much, not enough, using it on soil that has nutes in it etc.
  7. So basically any nute company based out of Humbolt? That is like half of them at least.
  8. I also would say that Advanced Nutrients will be a better option than FoxFarm.

    Are you planning to grow in soil or hydroponics? AN is especially superior in hydroponics.

    just my 2c
  9. Oh no just soil, it just seems like advancee nutrients has a larger selection of products over fox farms.

  10. Advanced nutrients aren't really any more complicated than FF. I actually find advanced nutrients product easier to use and runs smoother. I will stick with advanced nutrients for actual hydroponic stuff which seems better to suite within soil and it's really works.

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