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Fox Farms Trio Pack

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by HighMountainSkier, Sep 6, 2009.

  1. Works for me! Thanks folks!
  2. i have NOT been able to find this trio pack for under 50$ shipped. sure some sites list it for 30$ but when you go to check out it comes out to about 53$ after shipping. 23 bux for shipping?!?!

    ebay has it for 52 with free shipping.... odd?

    any one know a place that sells it for less and doesnt charge an arm and a leg to ship to texas?
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    Have u looked @ Amazon yet? $38 before shipping, which appears to be $10 = <$50

    Barely....but under.
  4. I used the Trio pack on my first grow. and trust me, you can over do it. Im almost positive that it was the FF that did my plants in. I was going full strength every watering. assuming that was my mistake. I use the nutes ever other watering. and that seems to be working amazingly. good luck.

  5. yeah every other watering works great. i was told to do that @ the hydroponic store today. but it also depends on your soil. if your using ocean force. it already has most the stuff you need in it and you shouldnt add nutes every watering but every other.
  6. Fox Farms is top quality nutes and food. I have 30+ year growers who use canna and advanced AND fox farms (Not all in the same grow) it comes HIGHLY reccomended from all experienced growers. The schedule on their website or the one you can get from any fox farms distributor is a gold mine just follow it and you should be good. Once you go through a cycle or two you can start to learn what you can add a little more of and what you should add less of.

    I have an outdoor that I am just pouuuuuuring that tiger bloom into and its taking it just fine. The strain is just extremely responsive to it. This is the great thing about growing SO much stuff to learn you never stop. Just find what works for you and what strains grow best with fox farms. I love growing dont worry about burning or failing you just always get better!!!
  7. this thread inspired me. i just got home from the local hydro store and i spent 26$ on ocean force. :hello:

    if i were to buy all 3 nutes it'd cost me about 50$ still... i went to 2 different stores. all add up about the same price

  8. Yup here in small town of Detroit thats about the going rate, $24 is the deal/steal of the century.
  9. Yeah i burnt my plants the first couple times with grow big...

    That fox farm ocean forrest has a lot of nitrogen in it, so now ill add just a couple drops to the water after 4 weeks

    And the 3 pack will last you for a while if your using it right(with soil anyways)

    Ive got everything except beastie blooms, i use each fert once, except tiger bloom twice

    Open sesame is gooood stuff!:smoking:

    btw, those prices are crazy, in indiana i paid 18-24 a bottle for all 5
  10. I got mine from botanical.com.

    It came to $44 and change. Then I was browsing a local garden store and found 2 of the three for half off. I stocked up assuming they'd come in handy one day.

  11. 18-24 a bottle is what i was refrencing, makes it come out to about 50-60 bux.
  12. Ok, thanks again for the replies everyone, I can't believe this thread went 3+ pages!:hello:

    I'll plan to use the FFTP nutes as the schedule indicated, starting around week 3.

    When do I add (if at all) Molasses to the water feedings? Do I add that in addition to the FF nutes or just to the nute-less waterings?

  13. you wont need to add molasses to the feeding if your using a nute plan
  14. I still feed my girls molasses even with the FF nutes, and they seem to love it...
  15. If anyone can answer how many plants you had and how much of the trio you used? Because it is sold in 32oz but you can buy smaller amounts on ebay. And I don't want to buy more than I need. THanks

  16. You're mixing the liquid ferts with the soluble ferts? Each trio is good, but pretty positive they aren't really meant to be intertwined like that. For example, using Cha Ching with Tiger Bloom is over kill and not advised. I guess if you're diluting each one enough there's no harm in it, but i don't understand why you wouldn't just stick with either just liquids or just solubles.

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