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  1. What would be the beat ferts n how oftern to use with fox farms ocean forrest potting soil
  2. Fox Farms also sell nutes :D

    You shouldn't need much for veg though, I only feed them once or twice if at all during veg. For flowering I find water, water ,nutes works well. So I gave them nutes every third time that I water but some strains like more or less nutes. I also give them with some molasses during flowering and hit them just once with some Overdrive when they reach week 5 :smoke:
  3. I use fox farms trip line of nutes. grow big, big bloom, and tiger bloom

  4. That chart made my day. Printing it out now. Thanks!
  5. Am i reading that schedule right???????

    2 tbl of big bloom for SEEDS AND CUTTINGS ? WHAT? first of all nutes for seeds? second of all, bloom for seeds? 3rd...table spoons? not even teaspoons? thats 30ml per gallon of big bloom to a seed. Thats not gonna work out for ya in any soil let alone OCEAN FOREST lol....
  6. I wouldn't use that as a guide either :smoke:
  7. You can try Botanicare Pure Blend Pro for flowering. Stay organic. Make sure you're mixing the Ocean forest with some perlite. The Ocena forest is too strong for some plants raw. Perlite will also help oxygenate the soil.

  8. That schedule tells you to feed heaviest from seed to week 3 lol. Week 2 of veg 40 ml , week 2 of flower 25 ml..

    Good luck

  9. good advice there.. your medium is organic. get organic nutes.. if you choose not to go organic add to that soil some dolomite lime to help that ph stability a little further with all those chemical nutes..
  10. You're suppose to use 1/4 strength in the beginning. Don't know why I thought that was common grower knowledge. That'd be 1/2 table spoon in the beginning and build from there. Simple.
  11. Oops... guess I suffered from premature exite-ualtion. Throwing chart away.

  12. 1/4 strength or not, I thought it was common knowledge not to feed seedlings any nutes, Ocean forrest has all you need for a few weeks into veg
  13. There is a newer version of that chart on FF's website.

  14. The feeding chart I have from FF looks nothing like that one:confused:

  15. big bloom is very weak(0.01-0.3-0.7).. grow big and tiger bloom are stonger. you feed everything that is horizontal on the list..if its blank it doesnt get that nute that week. so seedlings and clones get weak nutes(big bloom), then add growbig at week 2 to the same dose of big bloom and so on...

  16. That makes a lot more sense. Comparable to pure blend pros liquid karma .01 .01 .05 .

    Thanks for adding that i thought that was a regular bloom formula

    lol. my bad guys,

    carry on...
  17. first time i saw the chart i was confused also lol the name "big bloom" is very misleading
  18. So what would be the best combo of soil n nutes w/FFOF
  19. 1/4 -1/2 dose of all of the nutes on the ff list... grow big/big bloom/tiger bloom. i just use grow big and tiger bloom though and the solubles open sesame and cha ching. add some perlite to the soil and some dolomite lime and ur good to grow =]
  20. If I were you Id find another medium to grow in FFOF is hot hot hot! I prefer the Sunshine soilless mixes.

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