Fox farms nutrient users?

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  1. im useing fox farms trio for soil and I've basically ran out of big bloom. Totally slipped my mind! I've got enough for maybe a 1/4 dose today. But I still have 3/4 maybe 5 feedings left. Think it'll be ok to go without for the last month or so I need to replace it asap?

    Week 6 starts today.
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    I use fox farms soil schedule on a feed, water cycle. The only things I do different are no flush until the end.. No foliage spray and I adjust my ppms to my plants response. I get great my opinion I would say order it as its the base of your nutrient line.

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  3. Honestly if I do NEED it, I'd find a replacement. It's hard to come by and expensive in The uk. I'm gonna go with different brand that's easy to get on my next run. And as I've only got up to 4 weeks left with enough tiger bloom to last I don't wanna buy a new set. I'll go to my local hydro shop see what thy got...
  4. Yeah this stuff is at my door next day when I order on Amazon.. But if its hard to get then by all means finish with out and switch to something sold locally. I would recommend finding a P booster when you bloom as tiger bloom alone wasn't enough when they were in full bloom

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  5. I use ocean forest soil and fox farms nutes. I got through a whole grow only with grow big, tiger bloom, and some Epsom salts. You should be ok

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  6. Just curious: Are you in soil or coco? Do you do full strength or less? Do you alternate water and feed?
  7. In soil. Been at full strength for 3 weeks. Had quite a rapid N def starting 2 weeks into flower.
    I was at feed-water-water. When the def started I changed to feed-water-feed-water.
  8. Soil and perilite. Never fed full strength. In ocean forest soil it has a lot of nutes. So i didn't need to feed untill like right wen I switched to flower. Week 5 or something. After that I would alternate, water feed water

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