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fox farms feeding schedule

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by humboldt839, Feb 7, 2012.

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    first time poster, love the site, thanks for all the great info.

    i just got the trio pack, trying to figure out my schedule here http://foxfarmfertilizer.com/FoxFarm-Soil-Schedule.pdf
    is this a good source? i thought i saw another one floating around, this one http://foxfarmfertilizer.com/soilfeed.pdf that seemed different, for some reason this is confusing me though at first it seemed quite simple lol.

    the first link is the one i think i should be following.

    soil ffof

    forgive me if im forgetting something obvious.
  2. If u are usin there soil also start feed at 1/4 strenth at four weeks then gradually work up to full over a couple of feedings... Water,Water,Feed Schedule.
  3. yes, i am using there soil. so im probably making this much more complicated then needed but, do you mean feed schedule like the first link i posted, or the directions on the bottles?

    its the tiger bloom, big bloom and grow big that i have.

    i understand about the 1/4 strength and working your way up
    ive never heard of this water water feed schedule, does that just mean i water, water again, and then the third time i need to water it gets water with fertilizers?
  4. just feed wait for it to dry then water plain ph let dry water then start over.
  5. Eaisier than poeple make it man its pretty simple once you.ve been growin a couple weeks. then you'll be able to tell by waight when to water.
  6. and just read dosages on back of the bottles but start at 1/4 strength?
  7. so..are you saying disregard those foxfarm feeding schedules? im still confuzed on how much and how often i should be feeding nutes to my plants, it seems everyone has a different way, which is fine i just still cant find a clear way lol some people say dont follow the instructions on the bottles, use the charts, but then others say follow the bottles but start low strength, the charts, as simple as they appear, dont make sense to me lol, the bowls i smoked before this arnt helping the situation, so sorry if im missing the obvious ;)
  8. so can anyone shed some light, which schedule do i use, the one on the bottle, the first website, the second website, neither, anyone point me in a direction?

    im on week 4 of flowering

    so far all i do is tiger bloom, first i did it 1/4 strength, then worked my way up, i did that every other water, then someone told me i can do it all the time, so now i just started that, but now i just got my other two bottles in the mail, and am trying out how to actually do this the right way.

    i ph to 6.8-7.0

    seem to water about every 4 days

    3 plants, in 2 gal pots, 1 gal of water for all three. Does any of this seem right to you guys?

    i tried to do a 20% perlite 80% fox farms ocean forest.

    one plant seems to drain especially faster then the others

    they all look great, but now im tihnking theyre gunna need some ferts cuz everything is probably gone from the soil?

    sorry im sucha newb, first time here

  9. best advice for foxfarms... same advice i would give. i used to use soil and their ocean forest... not my favorite soil switched, however one of their products is not terrible grow big. its a great all purpose fertilizer for veg. but if you use full strength you will be sorry. i still to this day... if i have a plant with some micro nutrient problems i will hit them up with that.. i believe it came out to around 1.2 ec... always check your nutrient solution if possible and know what stages your ec should be at. if you dont know usually start around 400-500 ec clones/ 500-900 veg and mothers/ 1.0-1.6 to 2.2ec for flowering then work it back down. find out what works for your stain. hope that helps. if your using soil i would not water it at all with nutrients for about 3-4 weeks. so straight ph balanced water for 3-4 weeks everytime there is new soil.
  10. gotcha, and would you recommend feed every other watering or so water-fed, or like 420patient said, water-water-feed. ? or am i totaly wrong and its safe to feed every water.

    yes my plants have been in there soil for like 6 weeks, thats why now im thinkin i should add nutes.

    i dont know jack about ec, i should read the basics before i waste your time.
    i ph my water to 6.8 but thats about all i know how. my meter reads ec i think tho ;)

    thanks for your response
  11. I think it all depends on plant size. I have some haze plants flowing in 5 gallons that have been getting a very heavy feeding every watering and still look a little hungry. My large plants in 5 gallons haven't shown any issues with a regular dose every watering.
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    how can u tell they look hungry, what would i look for

    what does over fert look like?

  13. well the thing is as i think someone else mentioned that it depends on your strains... i use this and it works for me perfect all the time. say your are starting fresh. new water new nutrient solution. 1st day of veg feed water i would go down to 6.0 in soil.. 5.5-5.7 in hydro... get your meter calibrated cause thats one thing you dont want to have to fuck with. calibrate it ever month no matter what. back to the 1st day... ph balanced water. then wait till your medium is dry... not so dry that your plants are falling over but dry. then water them with a nutrient solution then wait till they dry out then use water ph balanced. keep doing this. it should work fine... it does for me. if your plants look like they are showing some deficiencies then correct the problem as soon as possible... making sure your ec and ph are in the correct places and making sure your temp and humidity are around 70-80 50 percent humidity lights on. lights off you want it alittle cooler 65 or you can raise the temp up to around 73 keeping the humidity the same. hope this helps in some way
  14. i have friends that feed all week and flush at the end of every week. i just do it the way it works for me. we both use the same nutrients. some plants can handle it some can not. when they are dry they will sag alittle and the leafs will swoop down like a dying plant. if it wilts alot it can be saved. dont fret. water her and then leave her out in a dark room with no light some what dark.. after about 3-4 hours she'll be right back up and ready for more.
  15. If you are doing the liquid nutrients, do you have to do their soil nutrients too, like it shows on the chart or not? 

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