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  1. I have done a bit of research on FFOF to find it is 6.3 to 6.8. Good enough, no guessung at water ph at first, IN SOIL. just start at 6.7-6.8 at first for seedlings right?

    I just read that happy frog sits at about 4.5, is this true and if so I assume mixing the two would change the ph of FFOF.

    what about light warrior?

    What's a good additive to ffof, microbes/enzymes? coco? Do these lower pH?

    If anything I'll use some vermiculite to aid in draining in FFOF as 20% perlite wasn't quite enough as it held water for ever.

    Any opinions?:confused:
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    FFOF has everything you need to start healthy plants. I have been using it for years but I know what your talking about it holding water. If anything I would add more vermiculite or perlite to fix this problem. Some days its good some bad, it could be the plant too because there are times when the plant is just super thirsty and after a feeding the next day or two its completely dry again :p. Some fert lines have have microbe supplement but I love the Roots Organics Oregonism XL. With that stuff it makes my roots go crazy. I add it to feedings and when transplanting clones to soil. Really makes a difference.

    i would take a several pots and have a control pot, and the others add vermiculte or perlite/ then in another do that then add microbes or enzymes and then do coco. I mean, make a science experiment with it. With control groups and experimental groups. Check each ph and record what you get. Trying new things is like an experiment but do that first without putting your plants in jeopardy if something were to go wrong.
  3. I'm just curious but why fox farm?
    I'm convinced that, unless you plan on organic growing, foxfarm is extremely over rated and very difficult.
    I'm saying this from experience.

    Me and my buddy both used foxfarm before and did terrible.
    I stopped using foxfarm and went soiless, my buddy went all organic and both grows are doing well but I've seen more success with soiless.

  4. Well, different people have success with different things. I love the fact that I can go the more organic/all natural route and still have great bud action success. Check out my grows. All done with fox farm.
  5. I can't give an exact number because I have a cheap non digital meter, but I just transplanted into happy frog and it certain wasn't reading 4.5. Mid to upper 6 as good as I could read
  6. [quote name='"marcog357"']

    Well, different people have success with different things. I love the fact that I can go the more organic/all natural route and still have great bud action success. Check out my grows. All done with fox farm.[/quote]

    I checked out a few pics, looks good. I saw you put blue dream on your list of favorites. Where can you get seeds? I don't know how I've just now heard of this strain. Do you know the genetics?
  7. That's what I did on this last run right before this next with new dinafem and greenhouse seeds. I had a Kannabia Co. Afrodite, a Mohan Ram and a Church clone. The Afrodite was put into M-Gro just to see what would happen. It by far is the most crystally and fruity stinking. The other 2 in FFOF, bigger plants and buds, just a little less stink and covered in crystals. This time half and half FFOF and happy frog with 33% perlite and some vermiculite.

  8. If M-Gro means, Miracle Grow, i wouldnt use that. You've seemed to have some nice results but that stuff has little capsules of fert in the soild that randomly burst to feed the plant. It would be very hard to add your own nutes without over fertilizing your baby and burning it. But seeing that you have some nice crystally fruity bud, im guessing you have that under control.

  9. I dont ever use seeds. I put too much money into electricity and equipment to even remotely have a chance of growing males. I strictly clone. I would have the stain still if I hadnt taken a chance and gave my last clone to a trusted grower which in turn ended up killing it :cry:. I look around and see what others in the local community are growing and see about getting clones. If they are super nice i get um for free, or ill trade. But if theres a clone out there i want badly ill pay :p. I forget what the genetics are on it, I know for sure its Blue Cross and something else.... It escapes me for the moment. All i know is it is a great strain. Yields alot and the smoke is very very nice.
  10. Thanks everyone!!
  11. Yeah the MGro was just an experiment. It was a way smaller plant than the foxfarm plants. The FFOF is taking longer to finish but those two plants have white strains in them so... Definitely this time will be - 1/2&1/2 FFOF and Happy frog with 33-35% perlite and some vermiculite. Then two of those will get Botanicare CSN17 nutes and the other get fox farm nutes
  12. :) Im pleased that your doing this experiment and posting results. I think all who read up on this thread will learn something.

  13. Yes, I have been experimenting with different stuff being a total newb. The first time I had a mexi-schwag seed in a 1 gallon water jug in MGRO. It was under a 40 watt standard shop fluoro w/ 2 cfls on clamps and hit the jackpot, ONCE.

    Now with a proper HID and some supplemental 42 watt cfls I am getting some nice bud. I just need to veg a week or two longer, about 10-12" and top them. The past few crops have been one disaster after another. 1st time was ignorance, 2nd time SPIDER FING MITES on a GREAT crop, 3rd time I over fed it enough that it was very much on the high end and my dog was dying so it was so ful of hair. This time it's all looking good, just small because i got impatient on turning back the lights and not topping.

    This time I have a nice, nice soil medium. A better idea of how to tweak the nutes for only 4 plants. Better knowledge on the light, height of light, watering and so on. 4 germed seeds ready for soil today are 1 each, dinafem blue widow, dinafem blue hash,Greenhouse exodus cheese and greenhouse white widow. can't wait.:yay::yay:

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