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  1. Hey all starting my first grow here in a week and have some fox farm ocean forest soil. I have heard I won't need nutes til week four or so but will I have any problems with Ph with this soil and is dolomite lime the solution? Also what kind of nutes would you recommend that I could pull off of a wal-mart shelf to feed these ladies? Thanks!
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    I start the schedule on week 2 according to the chart. If your concerned give them half doses. Test the run off when you flood the soil, it should be fine tho. FF nutes are very easy to use. They probably have everything you need at wallyworld but you would need to be a chemist to make a top notch solution. Stick with fox farm.
  4. you think i can use fox farm soil for just regular growing

    its just soil right?
    im planning on growing northern light
    you think thatll work

  5. Give them light water and air and they will grow fine. The nutes just speed up the process. Giving them perfect conditions will ultimately affect your yeild and the time it takes to reach harvest. If you gave them just FF soil and water for the first 4-6 weeks then start with bloom nutes and 12/12 you should be fine. Also look into LSG.
  6. Thanks! I am still worried I am going to have Ph problems with fox farm ocean forest eventually though? Will this happen or am I just pissing in the wind? Any good cheap organic nutes you would recommend? I'm kind of on a tight budget and don't really have a stack of cash to put down on the FF nutes.
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  8. Was going to go with an epsoma blend (organic none liquid fert) on top between week 3-4 when FFOF has depleted nutes. After that going to nute very lightly with kelp extract and water. Would this be overkill?
  9. Can anyone help me with this?
  10. you MUST add dolomite lime 1tbsp/gallon of soil.... Though Ed Rosenthal's text book says Ocean Forest's pH is 7.2.... I water with 6.5 and the runoff is 5.2ish without lime added....

    I havent proven this myself, but I heard that if you add the fine dolomite lime, then pH will not be an issue whatsoever.... many claiming to never test their pH anymore after adding the lime.

    The soil has a tendency to get waterlogged also... I'd suggest either gradually upgrading pot size, or keeping the grow area towards the warmer side to make sure those roots are growing nicely... Personally, I cut in 25% light warrior, which is much more light... Better aeration.

    Make sure you are testing the ppm of the runoff too, you will be surprised how strong that soil is...

    EDIT: I really wouldn't start the seedlings directly in that Ocean Forest.... Light Warrior or COCO much better!
  11. Thanks a lot! How about nutes 4 weeks in though? Can I add the epsoma organic fertilizer blend on top of the soil as dressing and water it in and from there on out use kelp extract from there on out with water and be okay? Maybe add another layer of epsoma after a couple of weeks?
  12. Not a big fan of using powdered ferts as dressings.... inconsistent and easy to over fertilize. IMO.... hard to control.... I like control!:eek::D:p

  13. Eventually, yes. FF seems to add enough lime (actually oyster shell flour IIRC), to last ~6 weeks and then is depleted. Seems to run out in flower.

    The lime is ~$5 for a 40lb bag at Lowes or HD. Cheap enough, even if you're broke. Add 2tbl/gallon of mic, or 1cup/cf of mix. Best to add before use, but a top dress will work if the plants are in the containers. Powder is prefered, but the pellets will work just as well. I have and use both.

    Just make sure it is NOT hydrated.

    For excellent cheap organic nutes, snag some ESPOMA, also available at Lowes. Not sure about HD, but they are very common and you don't need a hydro shop to source them. Any of the 'tones' will work well, pick the one with the N-P-K you're looking for.

  14. Thanks man! Would you just mix the epsoma up in a water solution and water with it or top dress the pots with it? I'm going to use it as nutes after my soil gets depleted in 3-4 weeks.
  15. I'd do it as a top dress and let it work in with regular waterings. Just go easy with it. No problem to add more, but a bitch to try and get out. LOL

    I'd wait till week 4 before top dressing with it.

    Drop over to the Organics forum, there are quite a few Espoma users there.

  16. Nice man thanks for your help I appreciate it!!
  17. Hey man I have one more question for ya. I have been reading a ton over in the organics forum and learning so much but one thing I was wondering is if the epsoma alone will be enough for nutes after 4 weeks or if I could mix another top dressing layer of EWC in with it and then use some kelp extract in my water also? What do ya think?

  18. EWC shouldn't hurt at all, they are very mild. I have 2 worm bins and add castings all the time.

    Same with the kelp, just every couple weeks or so and lightly.

  19. Thanks dude your the man, I just read the whole "Are worm castings enough" thread in the organics section and there is some really great info in there. Us noobs really appreciate it!

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