Fox Farm Nutrients GB,BB, and TB. help?

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  1. Hey Gc, just another newby here :smoking:
    so i am currently growing a variety of strains, blueberry, skink #1, and tutti fruitti.
    All of which i have been feeding 1\4 tsp (1\4 strength according to bottle)
    its been about six weeks and no burning has occured...
    my question: what is your feeding schedule if any of you have foxfarm nutes?

    Any suggestions help :smoking::wave:- Wilbur
  2. start to bump it up and keep close watch.. bout a week before flower swithc to the others at 1/4 streth then slowy bump it up
  3. thanks weenerdog :] ill keep that in mind....

    haha im actually looking at 2 dauchsands as i speak... arti and eddy are their names... do you have one?

  4. never had weenerdogs... friends called me weener so thats how weenerdog came about
  5. Tiger Bloom is for flowering. You shouldn't be giving your plant's any TB until flowering.
  6. oooooooops my mistake! i forgot to say i was feeding Gb 1\4 strength so far..... haha my b. but yeah i have just began feeding big bloom along with gB no tiger bloom yet... tho i need to start giving my lowryders some TB
    you use Foxfarm?
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    Yes I do. BB and TB.

    After it gets 4 leaf sets I give it a 1/4 dose of BB, up to a 1/3 after a week or so if it handles it well, then 1/2 and so on. I do this every other watering.

    Same with TB as soon as I find she's female.
  8. na grow big 1/4 strentgh during veg tehn work your way up to full strength watching everything then a week befor switching to flower start adding 1/4 strenth big bloom and taking away grow big... then switch to flower then start adding in tiger bloom 1/4 strenth with big bloom and wooork up to full strenth... any time you see signs of over fert back it off and hold it there..
  9. sorry i shoulda explained it a lil better earlier
  10. thanks for the info guys!

    so i need to increase my grow big... on the blueberries :D

    my lowryders have afro's already so im going to begin feeding BB.... but my question is do i start TB with BB or should i alternate?
    both at the same time?
    both mixed in same water?:smoke:

    - wilbur
  11. learn to listen to your plants. look at the new growth. yellowing new growth signifies the plant is hungry in veg.
    I generally do not feed my plants unless they ask for it, then, if it's a new strain I am not used to working with, I will feed half strength and see how she likes it.
    I do Grow Big, a little Big Bloom and Cal Mag in veg - 2 weeks before they go into the flower room I start adding in Open Sesame.
    In flower I do Big Bloom, 1/2 strength tiger bloom until I get a feel for the plant, one of the solubles, seaweed extract and Cal Mag.

    i ph all of my nute solutions to 6.5-6.6.
    Keep in mind, Tiger Bloom is very strong and very acidic. A little goes a long way. Some strains do not take up the tiger bloom as fast as other nutes and that will leave the Tiger Bloom to build up in your soil causing ph problems.

  12. :rolleyes: very interesting im curious of your results with this do you have a journal?
    and what is cal mag? and you are mixing these nutes into the same gallon of water per feeding?

    so far this is the best feedback thanks freakshow :wave:
  13. hows your babys doing
  14. :) great! they are getting very bushy... i began giving them some big bloom with some grow big and no burning still, my lows are doing awsome they already got nice little nugs :hello:

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