FOX FARM nutes anyone have a good system

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  1. when i mix full strength.... as shown on the grow guide it comes with it burns my plants anyone have a good measure figured out?
  2. should i maybe be using different nutes i think i need some pro help
  3. Start them slow. Run 1/4 strength for a couple of waterings then move up to 1/2. From what I've read a lot of people stay at 1/2, but I am up to 3/4 now in week 4 of 12/12 and the girls still seem to like it.
  4. I've always used full strength with the nutes and never seen any signs of stress or burn. Just try and cut back slowly and increase as they get healthy. how old are they?
  5. Make sure you are shaking the bottle. I know it sounds stupid, but some people miss that.
  6. i have some that are 3 to 4 weeks old and i have 1 that is a little over a month into flowering they have both been burned with the full strength solution although ive cut down to like a 1/4 solution and they seem to be taking well to that
  7. Are you using ocean forest? Ive never had a problem at full strength and Ive tried 2 soil grows, a hydro grow and one soil grow with clones. Never had any problems. Sounds like your doing the right thing by cutting back though.
  8. yes but i also have some going in an ebb an flow but results seem to be the same with the full strength

    although i havent uses the hydro system for flowering yet... my sativas seem to be more prone to the burnt than the indicas though?

  9. thats strange. well just listen to your plants, if they only want quarter or half strength then then do it. I'm sure everything will turn out good in the end. I have always liked fox farm nutes.
  10. while were on the fox farm subject ive got a question

    im 4 weeks into flowering with soil, i used fox farm grow big 6-4-4 for veg and used 2 teaspoons per gallon every watering, when i kicked to 12/12 i switched to fox farm tiger bloom 2-8-4 and im using 2 teaspoons per gallon on every watering. am i doing the right thing????

    im trying to figure the math of 1/4 1/2 3/4 strength
    by tiger bloom heavy feeding is 4tsp per gal is that what u mean by full strength??? so 1/2 strength would be 2 teaspoons??

  11. yeap. thats right.
  12. so i keep doing the 2 teaspoons per gallon till i flush before harvest and im set?

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