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Fox Farm Grow Big & Big Bloom

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by BigJon66, Mar 1, 2009.

  1. I could've sworn that I read that Fox Farm Grow Big liquid fert. is a good fert. for the vegging stage and Fox Farm Big Bloom was good for the flowering stage.

    I can't refind this information on here for the life of me and I figured that common sense would tell me that a product called "Grow Big" would be great for vegging a plant and "Big Bloom" would be great for a flowering plant so I bought a bottle of grow big (big bloom was out of stock at my local hydroponics store). Now I'm nervous because my plant is just about to sprout and I'm getting ready to start adding ferts. and I don't want to add Grow Big if it's the wrong product.

    Just a quick yes or no please!
    Sorry... Grow beginner
  2. Yeah grow big for veg man.. if your plant is just about to sprout you're still a long
    way off from adding nutes. At least two weeks!

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist

  3. awesome thanks a lot.
    Yeah I don't plan on adding anything immediately, I knew I had to wait a little while longer, been following the "grandpas grow guide".

  4. wasn't loading for me for some reason.
    i'll try again tomorrow.
    I've visited the fox farm site a couple times but never found that part
  5. hey boys .. that big bloom is organic 100% ... can i use it at full strench or just 2/4? if is organic he cant burn the plant ... is like this?
  6. http://foxfarmfertilizer.com/FoxFarm-Soil-Schedule.pdf

    this is the most recent feed chart. i use bigbloom throughout the entire plants life. grow big is also used at intervals during flowering. i always use them at full since they arent really that high of a N-P-K rating.
  7. hey sir... what mind that„EC” and „PPM” ?
  8. EC is the electrical conductivity of the water. Ppm is the measurement( in parts per million) of TDS(total dissolved solids) of your nutrient solution.

  9. ok thanks i have another question please. for example about big bloom i use 6 tsp for vegeting and 3 tsp for flowering?
  10. i use bigbloom as directed by the feeding schedule. most of the nutrients my flowering chamber gets is in the solubles by foxfarms. just use it as directed.
  11. i know that big bloom is organic 100% ... i will use same in fedding schedule.... he cant burn my plant .. is realy? or i must to use at half strench?
    and for big grow (is not organic) what do you recomand? same in fedding schedule or just half strench?
  12. best bet is to start at half and work your way up if unsure. i usually just blast my strain with ferts, it is a well bred indica strain with very high tolerance for nutrients. oh and the fact that my room is 80 degrees and i use co2 injection doesnt hurt.
  13. Big Bloom and Grow big are used during Veg, TigerBloom and Big Bloom are used during Flowering..... BIg Bloom is used throughout the entire grow, it contains vital trace minerals.

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