Fox Farm Grow Big and Big Bloom?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Michigandr, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. Is Fox Farms Grow Big and Big Bloom a typical and recommended choice or do most people use something else i should look into?
  2. I'd say 70% on this forum seem to like/ use / or have used FF. I am right now and love it.
  3. :wave:great nutes! not as good as advanced, but i was useing botanicare and then switched back to foxfarm cus the buds just get bigger with foxfarm, just a suggestion thou i have to cut the feeding doses alomst in thirds to get the proper ec so be carful not to burn ur ladies, good luck dude
  4. Great stuff.. Just make sure you add the Tiger Bloom with that combo.. The big bloom doesnt have enough nitrogen for the entire flowering stage.. Big Bloom is to be added in the last few weeks.. However, i use a little in with my Tiger Bloom each feeding..
  5. They are a good and reputable company with quality products : ). I personally only use big bloom because it is their only fully organic product. I use to Blue Mountain Organics line-up in conjunction with big bloom, and have gotten great results.
  6. What do you know about FloraGro and FloraBloom are they really pH balanced? And are these ideal NPK ratios-

    FloraGro NPK Formula: 2-1-6
    FloraMicro NPK Formula: 5-0-1
    FloraBloom NPK Formula: 0-5-4
  7. I use Big Bloom From Day one and All the way thru its growth. I stop it 2 weeks before for flush!! I use Grow Big in Veggin, week 4and 5 in flowering and then week 8 before flush. Great stuff.
  8. I would agree on the success when using FF. Although someone did mention to cut back to like a 1/3 from what the online schedule says. This was true for me as well to a certain degree. I fed exactly from the chart and the tips of the leaves in flower did burn a bit. Regardless, the up coming harvest should be really good. FF is the real deal.

    Oh, I also have some tomatoes using FF and they are thriving and growing faster than any I have grown before.

    here is a pic of my girls. About 3 more weeks til harvest.
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  9. Phenomenal plants Dlong
  10. seriously dlong, i love that first pic : )

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