Fox farm GB, Big bloom nutrient life span?

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  1. a friend of mine has some 3 year old, half filled bottles of Fox farm Grow big, Tiger Bloom, and Big Bloom. said I can have 'em free.

    fwiw, the bottles were stored in a warm, dark area for that time.

    could i just shake it up good and use it? or do they expire and when usually?
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    Most chemicals have a 1-2 year lifespan, but if it works who cares.

    It hasn't stopped me from using old aspirin or whatever else is lying around in a cabinet from 1823

    Use it for your first few feedings and see what happens. If something goes wrong, which I don't know what really could, you'll have lots of time to recover., You'll also be using smaller amounts so there won't be as big of an issues should there be one.
  3. should be fine. i know some chemicals weaken in sun light but as far as i know fox farm has opaque bottles. i really cant say for sure but personally i would risk it. FF is expensive shit but the best.
  4. I swear this site always has my answers. I didnt even have to search for this, I was just about to ask this similar question. I have a three pack of Fox Farm nuts that I bought two years ago and I never opened them. I want to use them now that I can get back to tryin growing. Im gonna monitor this thread to hear more opinions on if it will be ok. I hope so, I dont wanna pay again.
  5. OOOOH! if the bottle pressurizes when sitting in a cool dry place its possible that a biological process is taking place, then it will be using the nutrients.

    This is unlikely considering the stuff is an acidic salt lol:D
  6. well sort of an update. I have a new bottle of Grow Big, in addition to my old half filled Grow Big. When I shake and open the new one it fizzes, then settles. The old one doesn't do that, like a flat soda drink.

    If I remember I will test the Grow big(old) V. the Grow big (new) on some tomato/other veg plants and see the difference. right now they are too small to feed with nutes yet.

    I am willing to bet the old shit will have groupings or pockets of concentrated nutrients to which shaking cannot release. Therefore when you mix the nutes it wont be able to fully disolve.

    moral-fuck risking some old $20 nutes on your priceless baby girls. :hello:

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