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fox farm big bloom reviews

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by dannyboy1069, Sep 13, 2011.

  1. has anyone used it how does it work?
  2. IMO its one of the bloom nutes on the market. i use the fox farm trio..if u wanna try it out, go on amazon. u can get a quart of each of the fox farm trio, or just single bottles and its pretty cheap compared to other places
  3. Great for a beginner. Make sure to flush for at least two weeks. Get the trio like dude above me said
  4. Big bloom is organic, so no need to worry about flushing it alone. But if you use the trio, big bloom, tiger bloom, grow big, together you're going to want to flush.
  5. yea i wonted all oraganic nothin els will touch them girls i just wonted to know if the fox farm big bloom will give me noticable reasults
  6. Hell yeah you'll get results, just tried out a sample of the LA Confidential that I just harvested, grown with FF trio, holy schnikes!
  7. FF is all I use. Make sure you go by the feeding chart and not what the bottle says. The FF chart is like half what the bottle reads.

    Also do not get tablespoon and teaspoon mixed up. I seen lots of people do this simple mistake. Also really like the FF soil.

    See my thread or my 2009 thread below for results.
  8. ohh no fuck a feeding chart? see i used 5 table spoons in one gal and gave em each thatfuck me i better go check on em
  9. [quote name='"dannyboy1069"']ohh no fuck a feeding chart? see i used 5 table spoons in one gal and gave em each thatfuck me i better go check on em[/quote]

    Oh jeez. Rookie mistake...read the directions next time? They will be burned. You need to bring up as mch fresh water as possible to flush them out. Your a lot more likely to get a nutrient lock out from all those salts if you don't flush.

    Look at 5150, he flushes on the regular and uses maybe half of what you put, keep us posted!
  10. I have personally used up to 8-10 tablespoons of big bloom per gallon in one 2.5gallon feeding with only positive results. Big bloom is 100% organic so feeding them more than what's on the bottle won't burn them unless theyre very small plants in a small amount of soil

  11. It's not THAT bad of a mistake, it's organic remember? But yeah. You used about 5x the recommended dosage lol, i'd give her a GOOD flushing. Use 1 tbl spoon or less next time.
  12. well umm i think i did right cause it said reg feeding 4 tbs heavy feed half a cup and there huge fucking plants lst and its 100% oranic earthworm castings and guano so idk they look happy as ever so yea idk ima use another 5-6 tbs in like 3-4 days so haha wish me the best
  13. and im useing the big bloom only nothing els but a like half tbs of malasses so idk ima stick with it another time if it goes 2 times and its good why not right?
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    Thats what the bottle reads. FF recomends the FF feeding chart for MJ. Rememebr big bloom is organic but Tiger Bloom and Grow Big are not.

    Some strains can handle more ferts than others. If you want to max out a plant with FF. Just go up one spoon until you see the leaf tips turn. Then go back one spoon.

    I just go by the chart. It's just simple.

    IMO big bllon and tiger bloom need to be Ph adjusted. The guy that put 10 tablespoon into a gallon? What was your PH?

    I add 8 teaspoons of backing soda to 55 gallons of water with tiger bloon and big bloom to adjust ph to 6.8.

    Grow big does not change tap water ph anough for me to care about. But when switching over to BB and TB I always adjust PH. If I did not adjust ph I would be watering with water at about 4.0 to 4.5 or even lower. Fox farms soil comes ph adjusted at 6.8. So thats what I mx my water to. It's like s well tuned engine. These plants are grown in 3 bags of FFOF soil with 30% perlite mixed in. Grow big tiger and big is all I use. About 20g of soil in and 25g pot. every time I water I run over a gallon of water out the bottom of the pot. Water when the plant needs it. And water super heavy.






  15. Quick rookie Question. I have one plant in a gallon pot. When I water my plant with this stuff should i put the whole gallon of water or what? I know the recommendation is a few tbl spoon per gallon of water. Just wondering if i should use the whole gallon. 
  16. For the sake of not being wasteful, I'd just mix up a quart with 1 spoon of big bloom.

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