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  1. Hello!

    Currently on my fourth grow in Coco Coir. I have just reached the end of Week 7 and am using the CX Horticulture line of nutrients. Their line has me eliminate almost all nutrients but their Mighty Bloom Enhancer for week 6 and then back to normal flowering nutes for the remainder of flowering.

    I have a professional grower friend in Michigan who has been giving advice, and for this grow I started using an Auto Pot system. I only used the auto pot system on weeks 5 and 6 of flowering--now I have too many ladies with different nutritional needs, so I'm hand watering again. Before the two weeks of Auto-Pots it was drain to waste.

    Please see the attached pictures for the difference between the two plants and my feed schedule. Both were started and put into flowering at the same time (ignore plant #3 "mini-me" in the back, she's a week behind). The plant on the left has turned lime green (over the course of a week or two) while the plant on the right seems to be showing no issues. Output airflow is kept at 70-72 (best I can do at the moment).

    Thanks for any advice or ideas!

    20200605_231116.jpg 20200605_231122.jpg 20200605_231111.jpg CX-Horticulture-MYFEEDCHART-UPDATED.png
  2. As I can't figure out how to remove my post, I found the answer. Without normal runoff the EC had climbed to 3.5 in the growing medium after two weeks. Lesson learned.
  3. That one plant is just hungry AF............end of, or week7 of flower??
  4. Week 7 of flowering just ended. Honestly surprised the other plant hasn't shown issues... checking her EC shortly, but still working on flushing the lime green one :/
  5. Ohhh yeah, I don't really see signs on the other one............but they were both hungry I think...........the buds look nice for what they are..........but they should be bigger than that at this point, IMO.

    Whats your light souce? Sorry if i missed it
  6. Ohhhh believe me I agree, especially with the topping, training, and defoliation. I think they're just nutrient locked and I should have caught it two weeks ago. Disappointed, but their clones are almost ready for flowering.

    I have two 300W LEDs in the main tent.
    The white grow light is Model: Mars 600-120LED-110 with 278W input.
    Second is super generic, Model: HYG05-MINI-100*3W-B

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  7. Ohhh ok, well you aren't working with TONS of light, so that is a huge factor as well.........and going by how I grow.....with my 2 blurple LED lights....which are 204W from the wall, each........your lights are preeety far from the plants
  8. Yes, definitely need to invest in some better lighting. My grower friend recommended co2 augmentation as well.

    Hope the Gelat.OG turns out well, that was grow #3 for me! Current strain is Platinum Cookies.
  9. I am not trying to be a dick........or say your friend is lying about being a "professional grower".............

    But, TO ME, it just doesnt seem like it...............with your current setup, mainly being your light source.......those plants in NO WAY shape or form need additional CO2...:passing-joint:

    Yeah, the Gelat.OG turned out pretty nice............i really liked the smoke
  10. Yeah, he's also the guy who told me I don't have to worry about salt build-up with the auto-pot system. :) Don't worry I've had a few choice words today (muttered to myself under my breath). 4 gallons of R0 water and at 2.8 now.... sigh.

    He pulls 27% of his 80 something plants, but when you're working with HPS lights, a warehouse, and an in-coco pulse EC reader, he doesn't always give the best advice for the home grower.
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  11. Thats what i was kinda assuming.....cuz IT IS totally different...........and if he hasn't ever really done a home grow then me might not know.
  12. In my opinion your lights were way too far away from your plants. I have been doing coco for 2 years and I have never seen anything like this even with my cheap $60 led from china. I am using premium nutrients but I have also seen better grow with cheap nutrients so I don't believe it was a nutrient reason for as long as you water properly. With coco you need constant run off water, at least 20% minimum because you are meant to water daily if not more often than daily. Coco is pretty much hydro in "soil" because you are constantly running nutrients through your grow medium.
    Check the minimum closest distance for your light and keep it at recommended if not closer in my opinion. If you keep the light closer than reccomended and see light burn symptoms or slow growth (literally nothing growing, stems, leafs, height, etc) only then lift your light to a higher level. I keep my light at recommended levels and try not to keep it too far away as that cause the stems to stretch too much whole preventing the creation of any extra leafs or nodes for branches and new buds to form in the future, same as what you are dealing with. I like doing scrog because that keeps plants short and combined with proper light practice you get some pretty good results. Try keeping the light close and at least recommended distance and see how close your new nodes are. Always makes sure you pay attention for light burn and feed daily while practicing the 20% run off case in both recirculating and DTW
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    I appreciate the info. I was literally putting up some new ratcheting cords for the light in the tent as the notification popped. I certainly think adjusting the lights will help, and you're right on the nutes: my best round was my first with gd General Hydroponics.

    I did seriously hurt myself with the EC from the autopots though. There is no 20% runoff with an autopot system. One plant literally starved because the EC was almost 4.0; I was told not to check, the EC will be just fine! :/ With this round of clones I do a mini-flush weekly to verify EC is in range (reservoir has 1.6 water and the runoff I got this week was 1.0).

    Random Aside:
    This strain of Platinum Cookies from Medicine Man seeds shows Cannabis Chinesis on all three females I separated out from their regular, non feminized seeds. Super joy. :p

  14. I have actually tried GH flora nova and I can say it was by far the best experience I ever had with liquid nutrients.
    I honestly never looked into the auto pot systems because I always preferred having water fed from the top. Its more natural and stable if you get run off and sort makes sense, i just had a look as to how an auto pot system works and i can see why you get 4 EC since you have no power as to how much water goes through and especially through the bottom ( also everything seems to fall on the bottom of the tank so the bottom is always more potent if you don't stir the water often which count another reason) It seems like a simple way but I don't think you'd get good results since you barely need to do anything. With hydro you should need to work with your on a daily basis, maintaining a good pH, EC, microbial life and aeration of the water. Auto pots seem like a good way if you are doing an entire house or something and you just haven't got time or cbf maintaining your feeding schedule. If you want best results you'll have to put some extra work. My advice, set up a recirculating or dtw drip water feed system. It's fairly cheap and works a dream especially with hydro. Just need to raise your tent or pots for the water to drain bank to the tank or in a empty bucket for easier Drain To Waster. Look on ebay for a 1200L/h water pump per 2 plants, a 30-50L container to use as reservoir (probs have one at home) a small air pump to suit your water value ( I'd go slightly bigger to create force to keep the water mixed 24/7, generally with bigger tanks you'd need a pump to recirculate your water in the tank so it stays fresh), the plumbing ( 13mm hose for the water feed and 19mm hose for drain, the fittings that youll need to connect the hoses like a T, or Γ i honestly bought 8 of each type available just in case but you can get away with basics if you think how you wanna set up the plumbing and probably some water valve to adjust the pressure) and last but more important some nice looking drippers to go around your plant base. You'll only need to maintain pH, and just replace your water once a week since you don't know what's left if recirculating even you check the ec like for e.g you got 1.5ec but 1.5 of what exactly? If you are doing DTW just let it run for a 15 sec on low and wait to see run off, if you don't see any just run it a little bit longer but don't over do it cause you can over water your plants easily although it seems go away quick since there's so much aeration in coco. If you believe you get overwatering every time, wait longer between feeds and try to find the sweet spot. 2x5gallon coco pots and 20L water in the reservoir works grouse for me. Having a tank in a coco grow makes your life so much easier, I highly reccoment building a recirculating system even if you use it to drain to a different bucket and throw the water out to your veggies outside, i bet they'd love premium nutes lol

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