four-twenty reached.

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Gri77oN, Sep 7, 2003.

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  1. 420 !!!!

    *does the dance*

    *grabs his D4*

    rolls it.... 2

    *sets off to reward himself with a 2KS joint of regular hash*

    *does the dance*


    oh boy I luv it here.
  2. sweet man, hope you get many many more!!

    ..::420 dance!!::..

    ..::twists anckle::..

    ..::falls down::..

    ..::starts dancing again::..
  3. you do know the 420 dance is nekkid dont you?
    you better be doing it right :D
    *side note dont go getting in a dancin frenzy and burn yourself

  4. LOL !!, but watch it man .. i actualy do it sittin\' I prevent any accident that way..
  5. Hey, congrats on the 420ness! Yay for Gri77on!!!
  6. @home, am always naked. x-ept in front of ohh shit, it\'s on

    *quickly hides in the dark*

    x-ept in front of da webcam...
  7. well here it is..

    I toke the liberty to roll it with three papers, in order to have a leaf to wright upon:

    Happy 420th.

    Thanx to the city 4 being what it is: a place for \'good people\' to meet.
  8. ohhhhhhh... pretty.....:D

    what is that actually comprised of.....just MJ or a hash mix?
  9. I have only hash .. :(

    I came here to learn how to grow..
    but some things came up so i have to wait for that..

    i finished it now.

    I\'m about to attempt a raid in the kitchen (hummm still got some of that curry chicken I made miself.. slurp slurp.. sorry gotta go!)
  10. nice spliff there, i\'m going to smoke the bowl very soon....within 5 mins.

  11. so what is it... like a hash tobacco blend....?
  12. yup.

    That\'s what I\'ve been smokin for the past 6 month now.
    during that time I woz makin a little cash box in order to build miself a little growbox...
    oh well later i will.

    the mix in that tulip is, ahem, woz 1.5 cigaret with I dunno how much hash. (too much I\'d say)
  13. horray for hash! Horray for 4:20! Horray for tulips! Horray!
  14. nice!!

    tulips are pretty rad. im the only person in my town that knows how to roll them, that i know of atleast :D

    One day i made a 3 gram blunt, and then stuck a two gram tulip to the end of it. Daaaaaaaaammmmmmmmnnnnnn

    blazed for a LOOOOOOONG time, and i was blown.

  15. HOW!!!! ?
  16. you know how the tube you hoot thru is put into the bottom of the tulip?

    i just used a lot a rollie glues and attached the tulip to the blunt.

    it looked like a big paint brush. was very call.

    i dont remember there being much more to it than that. i recall it being pretty easy. and man, once we got it smoked down to the blunt, it was completely resinated all throughout, and we were all totally stoned.

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