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Found this....It's really lame

Discussion in 'Legalization and Activism' started by KrazySmokerHome, Apr 20, 2009.

  1. #1 KrazySmokerHome, Apr 20, 2009
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  2. Thats that nigg@ big lurch from htown...
    Lurch is crazy, rapped about eating people, smoked too much sherm and went crazy in cali.
    I didnt click the link but i know that big lurch.
  3. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-WsDX7bjtU]YouTube - Big Lurch ft. Lil Keke - Texas Boy[/ame]

    lurch is 6'6 he's huge... that's a old track with keke and lurch, lurch "fuckin' with them nigg'as that be high off a femaldahyde"
  4. sorry for my triple post but why do you think this belongs in this part of the forum?
    I dont understand how you get "weed leads to pcp' from a bad sherm epidemic, people dip blunts, j's and cigs in wet, has nothing to do with legalization.
  5. I'll answer that question

    I would like to know why the video has to lead to MJ

    I think it hindered the legalization process...

    It was so random, oh dude eats his bitch la la la oh he smoked PCP cuz of weed?
  6. NO NO NO, because in houston people sell dipped j's mannnn, it's relavent.
    Most sherm heads put it on j's and cigs.
  7. i think the reason he put this in here is cuz in the video, they say that pcp leads to MJ. I don't think OP is getting this conclusion from the video, i think the video itself said that.

    and you said you didn't even look at the video, so you can't say that OP is wrong for posting this here. I didn't look at it either, so the video might not even be saying that.

    my point is not to jump to conclusions

    i think overall its relevant. Another assumption that MJ is a "gateway" drug. More propaganda/lies bein spread.
  8. That was the whole thing, they used the gateway excuse, for the guy eating his girl


    Yeah I knew that it was dipped most of the time, I tried it once, A black and mild dipped...

    I flipped my car, I thought Ninjas on motorcycles were after me

    Never doing that again
  9. Sherm isnt to be fucked with.. Ive done it a few times but never again.
    Sorry for not watching the video, i watched it before and thought I knew what they were talking about, didnt know they called it a gateway drug thought they just meant people were dipping j's.

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