found some in back yard( need info)

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by kmkkicksass, Aug 21, 2003.

  1. i found 5 plantes growing in my back yard (I have a forest area for a back yard) they look very healthy, But i think they r males cuz right by the leaf there are little things that look like buds.. they have white hairs or leaves comeing off of them and they have alot of seeds i counted 13 seed like things in 3 very small like buds..all of the bud like ojects r very small...does anyone know what i'm talking bout... and if its a female what do the flowers look like? and if its a male what do there flowers look like?
  2. hard to tell you may have stumbled upon an old grow someone thought had died and it's regrown, there could be a mix of males and females and the males may have allready pollinated the females, if so it will give you seeds, but a pic would be handy to confirm it.......and i mean i close-up pic of the sexes.....not from far away as we won't be able to tell too well...............Peace out........Sid

    once verified, if you wanted you could figure out which are female and take clones...........grow them indoors
  3. sorry but i ain't got a cam
  4. hey males don't grow seeds right? if they don't then i think these plantes r female....also i checked one of the big plantes where the branch starts comeing off the stem or body of the plant there are little probally 3/4 inch single leaf orpointy things...hope u know what i'm talking bout
  5. hey i'm really bored so i went to websites looking for pictures and i found one

    its not just like mine but the white parts that have leafs growing off them look like mine plants r alot busher and more fild out and the bud looking things aren't as white anymore there r acouple red hairs mixed with the white and the white is getting a little darker
  6. well then you have a female.....but you'll have to check each plant......because if there's a male there, it will pollinate all the females.......if the females are flowering allready, you'll need to be quick and remove the males, or you'll end up with a smaller harvest and seeds in your weed.............Peace out.........Sid

    ps clone the females and put them under some fluro lights, that way you'll be guaranteed females for your next grow, just look up some info on cloning...........
  7. shit this really sucks i finally gave it a real close look today and i found the balls on all the plantes ...dunno if there ballls though cuz they look kinda like tear drops and there r alot of them.. i thought they were seeds but they r growing from the braches were nothing else is is wrong with this shit
  8. dont females have leaves with 7 fingers while males only have 5? if this is the case you could count to see i spose but i have not had first hand experience with that but i hope its helpful
  10. dude this post is like from 2003 im sure they figured it out:p



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